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Forget about the banking job contract and take up the digital marketing job.

For you to be offered digital marketing job, it means you've smattering or deep digital skills already.

Now, use these digital skills to work for your principal and use them too to work for yourself at your spare time and weekends.

Don't forget that the diffence between N100,000 and N60,000 is meagre N40,000. In dollar terms, this is less than $100 per month.

Even if you promote affiliate products with a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can make at least $200 without batting an eyelid.

From your blog, you can provide digital marketing services and freelance business services such as freelance content writing.

The best part with digital marketing job is that you can start a digital marketing agency in the near or remote future. This is what I did.

You can become a digital marketing consultant or specialist by learning the ropes of online marketing and practicing over time.

Personally, I have honed digital marketing skills such as SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM (social media marketing), blogging, etc that have provided me the leverage to be my own boss..

Now, due to popular demand, I've also started digital marketing training program for Nigerians. As a matter of fact, the world is your oyster when you learn digital marketing skills online.

Always remember that the best ways to make money online or offline are to fill a need, add value to people's lives and demonstrate expertise on a subject matter.

There is no free lunch.

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I am really tired of the whole Bank system in this country!

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Simply because we will conduct our own 'Inflation' later.

You increase the Price of Flour, I increase Price of my bread.

You increase Tomato price, I increase Price of my Stew rice.

You increase condom price, I increase my Towtow price.

At least I have boycott in buying and drinking two particular brands of malts ever since they increased their prices from N200 to N250.

Why Are Nigerians So Quick To Accept Inflation?

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Quit if you have to.

You only become a failure if you call yourself that.

You have to know that in life even the wealthiest and successful people have failed at some point and are still failing.

Remember that:

If you go crazy people will talk.

If you remain on the job that make you look unhealthy people will talk.

If you have no job people will talk.

If you work too much people will talk.

If you don't sleep people will talk.

If you die people will still talk.

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