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He likes you. Who else notice? Give am chance, the simp no get mind to ask you out...

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Na money be Koko... Na wetin money look like be koko. Make man get money and you go forget how him take dey groom him hair.

Owo ni Koko... Ego na koko.

A well groomed man should have money.....

That's all

If you don't Gerrit, Foget about it.

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My ex is a definition of a well-groomed man. Yes, he's an ex now but I can't stop talking about him because he made a great impression on me and I still make boast to say it anywhere. He was well groomed.

From his nails, his goatee (lower beard) to his teeth, very neat. His dentition is so amazingly arranged, sparkling white and shiney. (I got same too) not all these cave man multicolor teeth I see around these days that look like they're coming to get you. Lol.

His clothes are always crisp and clean. His apartment and surrounding, you would think it's a five-star hotel suit. No masculine smell or odour anywhere around him or his apartment. Maybe because he's not hairy.

Abeg, he's neat.

Men should take their hygiene seriously because that masculine smell/odour is a huge turn off and it's common among hairy guys. Maybe that's why I'm no longer thrilled about having a relationship any longer.

Same goes for the women too.

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Upon all this, you still leave am. So to what end? Life nawa

Hahaha you no like masculine odour. That means you no dey fvck, because odour of prick and tohtoh alone sef na die

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A well-groomed Man is the man that carries himself with dignity. He should be able to keep basic hygiene like do his nails, wear ironed clothes, cut his hair, dress sensibly and according to occasion He should be able to at least buy deodorant to smell good.

DANJUMA IDACHABA – A Media and Communications Professional based in Abuja.

I don't necessarily judge people by how they look, I have met awesomely dressed guys with the best of suits and they have got the most terrible attitude. You should have a sense of character; your charisma should speak. But then a well-groomed man should ultimately be neat. Most guys believe they can wear a singlet or undies for fifteen months without changing it and it is terrible. Essentially, look good and don't look like yesterday.

OLISA BASIL NNODIM – IT and Multi-Media Professional.

Looks alone can be a misleading criterion to use in identifying a well-groomed Man. Like they say, looks can be deceiving. A well-groomed Man can be identified by his actions and selfless service to those he loves and cherishes.

Willing to take responsibilities, not full of pride and ready to accept changes in life. Character is part of grooming.

OGAGA AYANWUNMI MICHAEL – A Blogeger and IT Professional

A well-groomed man should be focused, organized, neat, presentable, good mannered and well cultured. Dress well not necessarily expensive (knowing what to wear & when). Clean nails & avoid unnecessary long nails. Take care of your hair. Keep it nice, trimmed and tidy. Smell nice always (Mouth or Body odour is a capital NO). Clean inner wears are a must.

MUSTAPHA DALHATU – A Customer Care Rep. A Husband & a Father.

Grooming is not just about things like keeping a well trimmed facial hair. It’s a part of it, a well-groomed man is someone with neat, tidy and pleasing appearance. A pleasing appearance has a way of boosting confidence. I grew up understanding that your appearance affects your thought process. Being well groomed leads to a bolstered sense of self-esteem which affects how others sees you.

If you feel unkempt, this will impact negatively on how people perceive you. How you carry yourself in the right posture also says a lot.

JOSEPH OHIKU – Multi-media Professional based in Lagos. @joeywizzy

My view in terms of the appearance of a well-groomed man, is that it’s all about three major ingredients: simplicity, comfort and confidence. I tie ‘simplicity’ to the physical aspects of grooming; ‘comfort’ to the clothing aspects of grooming; and ‘confidence’ to the activity aspects of grooming. In terms of clothing-grooming, ‘comfort’ is key. In terms of activity-grooming, ‘confidence’ is key because regardless of how simple and comfortable he looks, it is the manner in which he carries himself when talking or doing something that matters.

BELLO TONGO – CEO of Tongston Holdings. Passionate about entrepreneurship.

Good personal grooming communicates that you care about yourself and you have healthy self-esteem. The well-groomed man should smell good: When you smell good, people notice. It influences how they feel about you. It makes them want to get closer to you. Look after your smile: Keep your teeth neat and your breath fresh. Take care of your facial hair. Have beautiful hands and feet: Clip your nails weekly. Avoid heel cracks. Exercise every day or every other day, it keeps you fit and healthy looking. With these you can get out there looking well-groomed and handsome.

SULTAN KAMAL ABDULAZEEZ – A Civil Servant, Basketballer, and passionate about values and uprightness in society. He writes #minutesbeforemidnight

A well-groomed man, should look appropriately dressed as per occasion demands, knowing when to wear what. Where to where what. He grooms himself by taking care of his physical, mental, and spiritual life.

GIDYON LOFTY AMKPITA – Is a Multi-Media Specialist based in Abuja

Over the years a man’s grooming routine has evolved and it is no longer just a simple shower. There is now beard care, skin care, picking the right deodorant, shaving, manicure and pedicure for men etc. For a typical man, self-grooming is usually the most affected when making a trip. Why? Because it’s a multi-faceted process that involves various actions, tools, and products. That is why it’s very likely that you’ll forget to do or carry something. So, before you leave on that trip, check your grooming essentials. You don’t want to go to foreign lands looking funny.

IDARA EKPO – An Academist and Entrepreneur.

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Take the lead by making the first move. A shy guy may not feel comfortable making the first moves in a relationship. Yes, he may be romantically interested in you and wanted to tell you that but his shyness just kept him from putting himself in such a vulnerable position. Most times, these are usually the best guys to explore and get to know. This is because shy individuals tend to doubt themselves, which makes meeting new people or starting conversations become too scary a task for them.

If you are really into him, don’t let your pride get in the way of making the first move. That will actually bring out the self confidence in you, make you bold and make you in control of what happens around you and whom you choose to conversate with.

If a shy guy is someone you just met, introduce yourself and start up a conversation and give him time to blend into the situation and conversation with you. If you are already dating a shy guy, lean in and kiss him first when you guys meet. That will make the whole situation around you become less vulnerable for him.

And if indeed he is, taking the first move just saves you a whole lot of time wondering whether he dey into you or not.

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