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4 hours ago

Because she wanna spite u & rub it on ur face that she's gotten a new man.

U can beat her to her game bro by doing this:

1. Arrive the reception venue in a benz or any other exotic car if possible with security escorts while u are holding 2 beautifully sexy big booty babes that are far above her league.

2. Make sure she notices ur presence & see how u are enjoying ur life to the fullest with prettier babes & money & influence.

3. U & ur crew should not eat anything they offer u there.

4. Send ur babes to spray her & her husband some wads of cash.

5. Finally, fake a call & pretend u have a very important event or activity to attend, then u & ur crew should leave the venue (dont spend up to 30 mins there) with ur full dignity

Make sure she notices u doing this & make it look real.


I bet u, she will be dazed, jealous, shocked, wet & flabbergasted at once. She will try to call u to soonest to know how e dey be.

She will even try to seduce u to prove that she's still better than ur babes.

All these will play to ur advantage.

At times when u want to defeat a woman at her game, use another woman that is superior to her.

If, however u can't do any of these, then simply boycot the wedding.

Ur absence more dignifying in this case

1. She knows you wouldn't attend and she's only informing you so you could gift her in cash or kind.

2. She wants to subtly spite you to see how she ended up with a better man lol.

3. She genuinely wants your presence (highly unlikely)

I don't understand why some would attend their ex's wedding tho, I can imagine seeing her walking down the aisle in that white gown while I'm smiling and picturing how I used to put her ass in 99 positions lol man I could literally choke on the party food


5 hours ago

Because they still consider you a good friend and want you to be there for the most important moments in their life.

I have a family friend who once told me he sleeps with all his exes on the eve of their wedding. Like the girls will shamelessly ask him to come over in a private place and that's it. I was really angry and disturbed as well. I asked him why he doesn't turn down those offers,he said even if he does, they'll come to look for him themselves inukwa. Na so dey thing sweet reach. Some girls if not useless are senseless and shameless. Guys be careful of "what" you marry not even who.

You should have attended her wedding, who knows whether she was ready to give you hot quickie at the reception toilet. LOL

No, she doesn't love you.

She moved on and upgraded, and she wants to show you.

If you were richer or finer than the current man, she would not invite you.

My thoughts, anyway.

Just 2 years of marriage?... U still have a long way to go...

To avoid gone too soon, kindly go to eBay and shop for battery powered adult gadgets... Present it to her as a substitute...

As she's playing with her toy, u will be busy writing business proposal, PowerPoint presentation, or any business project that will better your lives...

Anytime you wanna play, u do so at your own pace without looking at her face because that woman will never be satisfied in that department... The moment the thought of satisfying her crossed your mind, it might cost u your life... So be careful..


5 days ago

I don't mean to laugh, but this part of your narrative made me laugh. You need to change strategy, the whole scenario & love making session you described is enough to exhaust any sane person. I felt exhausted just reading and imagining it.

I Am Worried Over Her High Sexual Drive. What Should I Do?

Can you stimulate her clitoris with your fingers or mouth instead, until she cums, then you mount her, take your pleasure and all of you rest? You need to have a conversation with her, no matter how difficult it seems. An honest conversation where you both express your sexual preferences in bed, what turns you on, what gets you to climax sooner rather than later and anything else that matters to each of you. Hopefully, all of which is natural and not unnatural.

I don't know any woman who likes being taken for as long as you described, there's the risk of becoming dry and bruised the longer a session takes. Additionally, penetrative sex doesn't cut it for most women, because there's little to no contact with the clitoris (which is most women's pleasure point). Re-think your strategy and have that conversation or you let her get on top and do all the work till she climaxes.


5 days ago

You don go carry wetin pass you.

Nah you dey look for sister Esther in Nikki Minaj body 

I wish your family, friends and business partners the fortitude to bear the loss in advance, if you don't have crucial conversation with her. Make she come work small and not conserve energy, waiting for you to come back from work and zap what's left of you.

This is where car jam Cartapillar...

U should have known this earlier. Life no get duplicate bros.

Watch out your heart beat before she would make u go artificial.

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U're right Sha, when sex is too long, most times it becomes boring. And sometimes after one hour as a man, u lose interest and begin to ask ursef in ur mind, what are you doing sef, the rest na just pretence and doing the needful.


5 days ago

Refractory period is what takes time for some men before they can continue sex

pre-intimacy is a big plus

Should you be enjoying love making or trying to impress someone?!

There isn't any trophy in marathon sex

Only death by fvcking

( Op come closer let me tell you something in your ear.....)


one month ago

Holly Gram  real matters on top real MATTERZ

LITE UP my WEED in peace


Na lie, it's just a mindset, concentrate on polishing yourself, make more money.

I Broke Up With My Ex 3 Months Ago. I Have Not Been Able To Get Her Out Of My Mind. Thoughts Of Her Is Making Me Depressed

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