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Pastor Kumuyi has been trying lately to unfetter the members of his church from unnecessary dogma and traditions of men, which had made his congregation shrink and unappealing to the younger generation and, therefore, not have any future sustainability.

He is trying to untie them from dangerous beliefs that they had previously assumed were the manifestations of holiness but are mere human standards.

But in doing this, baba has sometimes got more people confused than before. In this case of women covering their heads in the church, it is clearly written in the scripture he quoted (1 Corinthians 11:5). So one wonders what exactly the trouble is if an usher demands that a woman cover her head at the entrance of the church.

Maybe prophecy is not general, given that prophecy is a gift for a select few, which makes it exclusive, but can anyone enter the church and not pray? The rest of the verses in the chapter explained the whole issue clearly (from 1 Corinthians 11:6).

Pastor Kumuyi should be careful in throwing his church into confusion. The younger generation he is trying to attract is even those who need biblical guidance from their entitlement tendencies. They should not be indulged in creating their own rules.

Baba should know that not everyone will be comfortable coming to church. There is nothing wrong with women covering their heads in the church. Christianity is by faith.

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Story for the gods


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Brothers, I have always said this. Women are greedy and selfish. They don't care about your sacrifices at all. My money is my money. They don't help pay children's bills, and they tell you mother's love is unconditional and there is no love like a mother's love. Imagine a child they carry for nine months. Back to Buchi, now he has seen the light. No matter how you advocate for women, once you tell the truth that doesn't suit them, they will forget everything you have done for them. Men, a lot of you don't know women at all. You have a lot to unlearn and learn about women. Follow me on Twitter @GODisPatriarchy.

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Anu ofia

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The internet is your gem. They created NFTs for artists and artistes so that should be a great way to go global!

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you still need a lot of money to mint nft on Ethereum network. They should face the reality, being an artist is not a sustainable career especially in this part of the world.


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Art can also be a concept that can make a place feel good. Art can never die. It has survived thousands of years. This is a gym that I go to.

Surviving As An Artist In Nigeria. How Do You Find A Market That Appreciates Arts, Makes Sales And Builds An Enviable Life?


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He is Right! Our Nigerian Men are SIMPS to get the message! Always COMPROMISING FOR THEIR WIVES! Only for their WOMEN TO CHEAT AND LEAVE THEM AT THE END!

Spot on. I love this guy. If you don't support these women to go higher, they will say you are insecure. Sponsor them to be a better person, and they return to tell you no longer meet their standard once they start earning little money. Some women are God-sent, no doubt, the ones with family values, but so many are now useless olosho without home training.

We, the alpha males, are glad Solomon has dumped his old ways of being a simpĺeton to becoming a real man. Some hours ago, dey rejoiced that he broke up with his GF, but he made a fool of them, that's to tell you women hv naturally wicked hearts. But they can't do anything other than inhaling their smelling cunt.


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Interesting perspective. Chill, you are 24. Now, what stops you from exposing yourself to a variety of experiences? Choose to learn something new every day, and see if you like it. Create hobbies for yourself, and don't beat yourself down. It will make your situation worse.

Start Assuming that you are excited and people like you, say it to yourself. The secret is to believe in yourself. Even if you are boring, you are not dull because it is a state of mind that will reflect.

What you think is what you become, you can be interesting, and you don't even speak all the time. If you feel bad inside, people will perceive it, so cheer up and have faith in yourself, and people will notice something about you that is great. So as a man, learn many skills and find out what you like.

I was just and still like you. I almost committed suicide 27th of April, 2017, when I got angry and left the same Mili you wanted to join. That would be like the 10th job I'd been frustrated out of since I started working. I felt no one in this world could be as bad as I am.

I was lying on the sofa, choosing whether to slash my wrist or hang myself, but I started seeing a vision of those who always discouraged me, telling me my nature would never make me amount to anything. This was while I was in medical school. Oh. One even said he doesn't see me ever becoming a Medical Doctor, cos my nature would never make me succeed in life. Another said he's never seen someone as Asocial in his whole life before.

I was already contemplating suicide even after becoming a Medical Doctor and working because all the pieces of stuff my friends used to discourage me then are manifesting in real life.

I saw them in that vision laughing at me and taunting me, telling me they told me I'd never amount to anything in life, and now I can see I'm about to take my own life. I also saw my late mother shedding tears about what I was about to do.

I decided to change my mind and chose to live, to spite those laughing at me, and make it at all costs.

My personality has made me miss many opportunities in life. I just clocked 35years old on the 31st of August, but I don't even think ANY woman on earth even reasons sey I dey exist sef.

I now say yes, sir, for my juniors, I'm almost old enough to be their uncle. I have to overdo work because I don't have any connection to keep me afloat should things go haywire.

Despite being a medical doctor, I beg people for money occasionally on this forum, but no one understands my travails. Some insult me. Some say I'm a scammer that a Medical Doctor can never beg.

All in all, I've vowed that I never take my own life except when I die by someone or something else's hand.

It has made me take crazy risks to the North (currently in Zamfara State)in search of greener pastures when Lagos no be am again, but as I said, I rather die from the shot of a gun than die of hunger of Kee myself. In other words, I rather die than commit suicide.

Seeing this, your writeup makes tears well up in my eyes, honestly. It cancels the illusion in my head that I'm a special kind of a worse breed.

Now I know sey person sef dey like me, so I have the strength to keep pushing on.

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Your story and that of the OP touched me. I hope you both continue to find peace and happiness. Life is a daily struggle. See everyday like that’s all you have left. And before you know it, you will be 90 and then look back the years and say ‘I did it. It was worth it’ May God be your strength.

I totally agree. I found peace the day I decided to take it day by day. Yesterday is gone and I don’t own tomorrow. All I have is TODAY, and that’s all I will always have. OP failed in thinking he still owns yesterday and he doesn’t own tomorrow while failing to take ownership of today.

I think adulthood is beginning to knock on the OP’s door which is scaring him out. I hope he finds peace and know that life can be simple and not the complicated (yet simple) life he is writing about.

May we all find what makes us happy and ask for God’s grace to have the energy in doing all that makes us happy.

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Art should be an experience. It should not only be visually pleasing, but also mentally. I think Arts can make people feel good just by seeing it. If you try and create good arts and see if you can sell to corporates. Check out this photos of how Tecno merged arts and design to create a phone and an experience for the users.

Surviving As An Artist In Nigeria. How Do You Find A Market That Appreciates Arts, Makes Sales And Builds An Enviable Life?

Surviving As An Artist In Nigeria. How Do You Find A Market That Appreciates Arts, Makes Sales And Builds An Enviable Life?

Surviving As An Artist In Nigeria. How Do You Find A Market That Appreciates Arts, Makes Sales And Builds An Enviable Life?

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There are many job opportunities for artists. Probably not here in Nigeria. Not everyone should draw a portrait and sell it on the street. That's too basic.

1. You can be an animator and work for companies that make cartoons and anime

2. You can work for a designer (a major brand that will pay well) and bring their ideas into picture forms. In this case, you need to know about using tech for your drawings. Going into art has gone beyond using your hand to draw. You need to be able to combine it with tech to make it better than the ones who can only use hand drawings. Many artists know about colors and combinations. This is an advantage to delving into the fashion line not as a designer but as an artist. Every clothing company needs an artist or a creative.

3. You can be an art director.

Many jobs require someone who can sketch, who is creative with an active imagination, and that's who an artist is, but I doubt there are such jobs here in Nigeria. Being an artist doesn't necessarily mean you need to open a gallery. No wonder our cartoons have not improved. The figures of our comics aren't humanlike...it's either the head is too big, or the arms are too tiny. The script is another essential aspect, even if the cartoons can be created well.

If you need Japa to get such jobs, you should polish your skills because they do not lack artists. It would help if you were extra creative, skilled in tech for your drawings, and knew how to sell yourself well.

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Nobody is making a mockery of other people with no families abroad. If dere is...then they are losers.

Yea, I think it's normal to boost you have people in the western country... Nigeria is more of a shit hole country. So having people abroad that can help you financial is an achievement. Or having close relatives abroad that can easily send you documents to join them abroad is an achievement. So let them enjoy it, bro.

When one of your siblings travels by God's grace or you mainly... you will see the value

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I keep saying Christians should study the Bible, know it very well, and then apply the Word. They should not wait till someone tells them what to do and conform to some religious molds. So long as you're in sync with the Holy Spirit. If you listen to churches' doctrines made by men, you will be forever tossed to and fro. Thank God for education and emancipation.

This man no talk all these one's when I dey younger ohhhh. I don't understand why the change in rules now. Na tie we been dey tie head as we small till we even begin dey develop mama iyabo for our edges. Our parents then on the other hand were overly strict deeper lifers that refused to conform to anything of the world. Papa, you better continue with those stringent rules ohhhh because I begin to vex being that you brainwashed many of our parents then. 

Nothing must change, sir. Do not try to tweak the doctrine you put in place all these years. Everyone must taste it. After all, that is the primary ticket to heaven, purity, and being a virtuous woman, which entails covering your head with a strong turban.... Stu[idity shall continue to rain in your church inshallah 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

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