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It has been established, and it's a fact that the West had engaged in pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial exploitation of African resources. The US/West exploits the world through various clandestine activities, especially its currency. The economic disparity between the collective West and developing countries can be considered an exploitation or rebranded slavery. The legal minimum wage for jobs in most western countries is the equivalent of $10/hr. For illustration, A factory worker in the US/west earns $15/hr, 8 hours per day in a five-day work week = about $500 weekly. In 2 weeks, this factory worker could save nearly $1000 for a tech product (say an iPhone)... This worker will have other needs, but this is just for illustration.

Meanwhile, a factory worker in Nigeria works 8 hours a day. 10K a day... in a 5-day work week would earn like 50K naira weekly...in 2 weeks, that's 100K naira (less than $250 as of today). Both had the same labor input, but the hegemon exploited the Nigerian. The West influenced the politics of Africa. Most African countries are still under defacto colonialism. The Western interference in our domestic politics allows them to install puppets('African leaders') who give the colonizers a free hand to loot our resources. We can take advantage of the rivalry between the West and East and use it to our benefit.

Nigerian youths are not lazy.

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Among all of these, na only number 2 dey weight me down. I can't just understand why it's. I don't seem to get it. Frustrating

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Any Word For Her?

She should advise her husband to regularly shave off his 'remaining hair' or adopt the Mbah look... Just look👇😁

Any Word For Her?

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Congratulations Buchi, so you know I never believed you broke up with her

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He no invite online in-laws and bitter people 😹😹
So now buchi can finally have sex with this girl as he claimed sex before marriage is sin
Buchi I’m happy for u
U will taste and see de lord is good

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I remember growing up in one of these around Ikotun Market. Maybe I'm just nostalgic, but it was fun because it was like a small community in the compound. We, the kids, would play football in the compound car park, and neighbors would hang out with each other whenever there was a birthday. Everyone came. It was pretty nice. Although when there was drama, there was no way around it 😅

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Pretty interesting that the old might soon become new.

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Our chief executive father called us lazy youths, so we decided to prove to daddy that we were better than he thought we were. Buhari also called us Lazy during the days of Fela, and Fela questioned the government with his music(beast of no nation) about how a government can call it's people lazy. Animal wey dey wear agbada

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What exactly is the man doing at the moment? Or is he lazing around because he couldn't get an electrical or plumbing job?

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Its still "unAfrican " and unbiblical having a child out of wedlock.what happened to marrying honourably first? If u come 4 cry beneath my comment u go collect cord 4 neck cuz i no mention anybody name.Perverse generation

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