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If you have conscience you would know the good and bad ....I learnt masturbation quite early on .... practiced lesbianism with some friends when I was age 10 there about...I had two kid brothers and they were 5 years old, one time I fancied touching my kid brothers dick to masturbate and I did it but after doing that I realized that was wrong and no matter how much of the foolish urge I never tried it again cos I knew it was wrong...now the lesbian part I didn't even know what I was doing cos we were just female kids playing with each other I still wonder why I never turned out to be a lesbian but I knew it was wrong and I stopped after doing it twice at that age and never tried it as a grown up ......now fast forward to me at 13 I was molested by my uncle he would ask me to use bodycream on his dick every night and he would touch and finger my vagina ..I was still a virgin he would finger me everynight he never penetrated but he did with his fingers and even when I turned 16 and had sex there was no blood cos of all his nih

He never allowed any male close to me he would offer me money for my silence,he would buy me gifts and give me money so he could continue....the fingering was painful cos I was a virgin then I hated it so eventually I ran away from home started living on the streets away from my molester but guess what all that abuse turned me into.....

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We all have our stories ,I wish some of us can come out like this. May God heal every souls that have been through emotional trauma from molestation and all . We gonna heal one way or the other ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Very good, the government must take responsibility for putting arms in the hands of nuisance 👏👏

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hey've been killing innocent citizens for years and NBA take any action but now it's one of ya colleague and y'all stand up and some voluntarily monitoring the case😢😢😢 Please "NBA" y'all should try and use the same energy to combat for innocent citizens😩😩😩

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Her positions are very valid though not universal. Especially with the level of enlightenment and empowerment today. Like Regina to Ned, In conservative African cultures, many teens marry to help their families financially and for other reasons that do not necessarily include their well-thought-out positions. When these temporal circumstances have changed, and they are more mature and stable, they tend to have regrets...

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The problem I have with NPF is that AK47 rifle they use in policing. Are we at war? Why should a police officer be using assault rifle that's why when they hold it they always want to assault someone. They need to start using sidearms only and the rifle should be for serious cases like when engaging bandits or robbers. If they can adopt this I believe this senseless killings will reduce. I don't think those guns are properly maintained.

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Photo Of A Lawyer Shot Dead By A Police Officer In Lagos State On Christmas Day.
Photo Of A Lawyer Shot Dead By A Police Officer In Lagos State On Christmas Day.

Yesterday,Christmas day dats how one so called man that called himself a soldier hit my head with a bus door cos he was dragging front seat of a bus with me,he is not even on uniform .i was d first person trying to enter d front seat n he came from nowhere to intimidate me,these happened at lekki phase 1,all those small white shuttle .I felt intimidated yesterday wish i had someone in a higher power to deal with him.This country ehhh

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It's like those police in Ajiwe are something else.... What's actually their issue? It's like they will learn the hard way soon. How can you fire at a car that wasn't a threat to you? Take him to a live crime scene, he'll urinate on his body. Nonsense! The family of the lawyer should ensure, the Nigerian police pay heavily for this... The compensation should be extremely huge.

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Photo Of A Lawyer Shot Dead By A Police Officer In Lagos State On Christmas Day.
Photo Of A Lawyer Shot Dead By A Police Officer In Lagos State On Christmas Day.

Police are arm robbers in disguise. Know this and know peace. Once they stop you. Cooperate with them just like you’ll cooperate with bandits.

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All I know is that there is no smoke without fire. ICPC will not be naming a celebrity in an alleged fraud if they don have tangible evidence. I suspect there are high-powered govt officials involved since the commission cannot mention their names but can mention dbanj.

Those behind the scheme have assured dbanj the fire will be quelled shortly hence the boldness of his lawyers releasing a statement so brands will not disown him. Some fools here were saying 100 million nairas na chicken change to dbanj. If you have worked in a bank, you will realize many of these celebs don't have cash savings commensurate with their public status.

They live and spend by the day. In the end, the case will die a natural death like the case of the accountant general, abba kyari, which is off the radar. Who knows if kyari is cooling off with his family in Maiduguri while mumu Nigerians believe they are languishing in jail? Abba kyari is yet to be dismissed from the force. Hence his monthly salary is still paid, and his boys are still giving him returns based on their agreement.

Release Dbanj!!!!

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