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Sad😢😢😢😢😢😢 Poverty is a curse.

See what money can do to people ? The country is now very hard and cases like this will only increase

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I no know say Nigeria police day get bullet for their gun o @manchesterunited MUST suffer for 20 years... for all the ATROCITIES Howard Web & the English FA helped them committed against other teams for decades under Sir Alex, especially Man City. AMEN 🙏!!!

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If Nigeria police can do this 3 times in a week these people will think twice before they do this.. these ones and those who rob people in traffics and one chance people. But no the police hardly do so giving these ones excess confidence.... Cus sometimes they operate for 30 minutes uninterrupted


4 days ago

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They never learn! Others will still go to rob even after hearing this!

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Obi/ Datti 2023. Nigerian youths rise up and take back your country.

Nigeria shall rise again.

How Residents In Lagos State Voted In The 2019 Nigerian Presidential Election

How Residents In Lagos State Voted In The 2019 Nigerian Presidential Election


9 days ago

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PDP came close despite all the millions Tinubu used in buying votes. Buhari has not signed the new electoral law then oh.

Now that Buhari have signed the new electoral law, Let me see how Tinubu and his APC in Lagos will get this number of votes

I see what happened in Osun state governorship election repeating itself in Lagos in 2023

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The voting pattern gives me hope for Peter Obi. I see a shocking voting pattern which will favor him. I don't know the youths you're talking about in Lagos. Those selling gala and soft drink in traffic doesn't vote.

Or you expect Amala and ewedu like me to vote in that FAILURE called Obi

LagosLast activity 9 days ago

All I know, next year Isha-allahu..., Peter Obi would be the president.

No body is talking about the clear rigging that took place in Kano 

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Please learn a tech skills if you can. You can find some helpful resource here in Gist

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