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"Is Lagos Still A No Man's Land?" Reno Omokri Asks As He Says The Result So Far From The Lagos Governorship Election Makes Him "very Happy."

Let me say this. I voted peter Obi during the presidential Elections, and I am a Yoruba. I had to trek over 1hr to my unit to vote. I made the sacrifice because I wanted a change and good governance due to his past records.

But it's very sad to me and RUDE when I watched some Igbos came online and say to Hell with Yorubas that they were the one that voted OBI and also Lagos is no man's land. That's what turned me OFF immediately.

To be sincere no Yoruba or any other tribe can say such in the THE EAST, I have lived there before. We have to respect each other. I saw how Igbos were chased today from pulling units and injured which I was really sad about, no one supposed to face such intimidation, But no man will be happy for someone to say HIS HOME IS NO MANS LAND, this is why we should respect other people's territory and never tried claiming it. May God just help resolve all this issues in Nigeria. Nigeria will be great again and God bless Nigeria.

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2 days ago

The problem is that History has been removed from school. Ibos have been trying to take over Lagos or even the whole of Western Region (Yoruba and other minorities) since days of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

Obi is a disaster in waiting. He rode on the emotions of the youth. Don't let anybody deceive you about Ibos and Yoruba. The rivalry is real. Ibos want Lagos so bad.

They disrespect Yoruba at every opportunity. That is the price that Yoruba is paying for being too accommodating. Don't worry, a lot is going to change in Tinubu's government. Tinubu is a revolutionary. Nigeria is going to witness peace and sustained development under Tinubu.

don't be offended...LP is not an Igbo party but sincere youths and elderly of this country...U are part of the sincere youths❤️

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A Voter Steps Out With A Pitbull Despite A Nigerian Police Ban On Dog Use And Other Pets At Polling Units.

Why would you bring a puppy 🐶 to the polling unit ? Endangering the life of this poor dog

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make the dog sef tear one thugs throat before dying, naija must better

They will just kill the poor dog for nothing.


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Actor And Media Personality Denola Grey Reacts To Widespread Violence And Intimidation In Lagos Governorship And The House Of Assembly Election.

Lagosians, you don't have Unknown Gunmen(UGM) that kidnap and kill people at radom. Don't allow people that celebrate or keep mute on the activities of UGM in their region to influence your vote against Sanwo Olu because of Agberos that neither kidnap nor kill you at will.

Lagos is working and remains relatively the most peaceful state in terms of incident vs population density ratio in Nigeria. The angry youths(Endsarz) wing of ObiDENTs have a just case to be aggrieved, I must admit. LAG state Govt didnt manage the Endsarz issue properly. Pls our youth let's not sacrifice performance on the alter of revenge satisfaction.
If they say that they want to end God-fatherism (power bloc) which is every where in the world, ask them, the Abia or Anambra state that has no God-fatherism, what is happening there? Do not sacrifice consistent performance on the alter of stoping God fatherism. Don't allow Lagos to be "Abianised" where the IPOB guys give less scrutiny to. Our justified Endsars youths , don't allow yourself to be used as a pawn by the IPOB/UGM supporters wing of ObiDENTs. They have ulterior motives for Lagos.

Agberoes, regrettably as they are, are mostly product of unemployment. They are in all states of Nigeria, don't be deceive. But the UGM followers will never show the Agberoes in their region. Do your research, go to East or ask a Liberal/delivered UGM follower , you will praise me.
Please, do not sacrifice consistent performance for an IPOB protege, someone that tag Yorubas in a downgrading way as "Afonja", "yoruba behaviour". Our youths, do not allow yourself to be used as PAWN in the hands of IPOB/UGM. Don't be "WOKE" amidst your "UNWOKE" & "HOSTILE" neighbours which will not allow same "WOKENESS" in their region.

With regards to the Agbero issue, unfortunately, pending a permanent solution, we better have Agberos than importation of UGM from the East or Banditary from the North. .Pls, vote Sanwo Olu! Adeshina(2023)

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Igbo men are succeeding everywhere in the world,if there was a seaport in the east,Igbo land would have been better than so many countries in the world.it's not a competition,you people talk about ugm when the whole body parts harvesters in the whole Nigeria are yoruba's.like I said igbo's are successful,you people should stop being jealous and ask them to teach you how to make money.you can't eat your cake and have it.

that place you wrote this and always go there and copy and paste it , you better go and delete this rubbish cus I can’t even read to the end , so all the people who have been robbed, raped and killed in Lagos are what ? You better get your facts right

lmao who told you? A while ago some kidnap syndicates were apprehended on the Island. Be talking like Lagos is the safest place mtchew 😂😂😂😂

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Sanwo Olu, you did not win any election. Because there is no Free and fair election in Lagos. The only thing we saw in the Lagos Governorship election was man inhumanity to man all in the name of people looking out for their pockets. Non of them care about a better Nigeria. It all about their pockets.

The only crime RHODES VIVOUR committed was that Tinubu did not bring him. RHODES VIVOUR is a full-grown Yoruba man, but he can not contest the election in Lagos State and win in peace because he is not Tinubu's candidate. Tinubu has destroyed and frustrated meaningful political carriers in Lagos State because he holds an entire state to ransom with his deity. Prepare for MC Olomo because he will be your next Governor after Sanwo Olu. The state is living in political bondage in the 21th century: Tinubu, Nebuchadnezzar of Lagos State. God will stop you. Stop playing God, Tinubu, your just a mere mortal.

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You call that sham election?


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The couple had a very disappointing experience, and you could hear it in her voice. It's not a good thing that negroids are stereotyping ethnic groups within the race based on physical appearance.

If there's any race in the world that should unite, it's black people who have not rated anywhere apart from Sub-Saharan Africa.

All hands must be on deck to foster national unity. The outcome of the 2023 General Elections is the further division of a hugely diversified country.

As long as you are Nigerian, you have the constitutional right to vote and be voted for anywhere in Nigeria.

I hope my children grow up in a country where they are not discriminated against because of their r/l factor, h factor, cone head, flat head, or yam legs.

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If you intend to relocate to pursue ur career or a new career or to start a new life and you are very serious about it, I pray God will open doors for you and give u the financial strength to do so. Be intentional about getting ur dual citizenship, do it for urself and your children/unborn children if u have the power.

Nigeria politicians just dey whine Nigerians ni, Nigeria will be great but not in 30 to 50 years from now, know this and know peace, so how old will u and I be by then? All enjoyable productive years would have been gone and that is even if Nigeria doesn't happen to you. This one life that I come, I have to live it in peace and sanity.

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But the problem is the people causing these chaos and setting us hundreds of years back also wants to get out of the country. How we go do am.

me sef I over tire 😢

thanks for this information.

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Dafuq men??! This is not the way ooooo.

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A Voter Steps Out With A Pitbull Despite A Nigerian Police Ban On Dog Use And Other Pets At Polling Units.

This is just for the gram😂, you for come Igando ward 3 with your dog. Na to just by beer🍺go remain , Apc thugs go use your dog do peppersoup.

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They asked if they were Yorubas. After confirming they were Yoruba, the thugs still asked who they would vote for.

Most Yorubas will vote for GRV

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This should not start a protest , youths have been calm nationwide because they keep hearing be calm and stay peaceful but continuously pushing them to the wall will/May cause them to revolt and start something else

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