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A lot of sacrifices go on to maintain their wealthy status. The difference between America and Nigeria is their judicial system. White is more ritualistic than blacks. With the rate of gun violence, they have not passed a law to control gun possession because someone is profiting from the bloodshed. Just like some people are benefiting from the bloodshed in Nigeria and the bloodshed in the world. Nothing prospers without the sacrifice of blood if you like to know all the books in this world. The same reason the rich folk spends their wealth on vanity instead of helping others to rise is that the money didn't come from hard work. All Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezo, and our so-called Nigeria billionaires belong to the occults, even most of our popular G.Os.

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Dbanj and Davido ???? It is well vanity upon vanity.

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Diddy Has Become The Second-richest Hip-hop Star, Surpassing Kanye West And Replacing Him On The List Of 2022's Wealthiest Hip-hop Artists.

This is the reason why black people should become owners, there are more black consumers than owners, they shouldn't just be excelling in the art industry, but be owners more, that way things like the cancel culture and so on wouldn't affect them, before you come for me I am not in support of YE.

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why will you not support Ye ? Give me good reason if you really have 🧠

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Diddy Has Become The Second-richest Hip-hop Star, Surpassing Kanye West And Replacing Him On The List Of 2022's Wealthiest Hip-hop Artists.

Ye was right in someways- the cabal press has reallocated the billions to another black man. His narrative was correct but he target just the Jews ) that was wrong) because the cabal is made up of people of all races. He needs to buy into the press empire and start to control the buttons use by the press to teleguide is without us even knowing!!!

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These cabals are they everywhere. we have cabals in Aso Roack, so they even have a branch in the USA too?


5 months ago

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I support you.. blacks must wake up and build our own system.. they have held us captive for too long.. so Jews are saying is that they own the whole industry, tech, so you black billionaires worth nothing with Jews? Kanye your message is clear. But the people to stab you first will be the black people..

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What are you on about? Don’t ever misunderstand black people! You think black peoples are stupid? Kanye was walking around in America with a shirt that says “White lives matter” to mock black people, he already stabbed black people in the back first!!! He only just learned his lessons that black is black and that the white community will never accept you no matter what shade of black you are or how much money you got., the man is suffering the consequences of his stupidity but is as forgiving as black people can be, KANYE WILL BE FORGIVEN.

all life's matter, stop thinking like a fool, how did the white people feel when we blacks wear black life's matters like blacks don't kill blacks every day in America like blacks didn't sell blacks during slavery


5 months ago

Black Lives Matter is used to draw attention to oppression, However white people anywhere in the world don’t experience any oppression from blacks and can never face oppression from blacks! So wearing ‘white lives matter’ shirts is basically saying you don’t want to listen to any protest against racism! Slavery is a policy that was enforced by the white government on blacks! And your argument that racists usually use in arguments that black people also participated in the business of slavery to justify slavery is dumb thinking 🤔 You also sound dumb not to understand black on black crime is as a result of close proximity and the same with white people that kill each other too, but you want to label black crime and not a white crime !!!🧠 😢

you did not get d message when he wore that shirt saying “white lives matter …. To him, he saw black life’s matter as an insult indirectly, are we not human, is it because of our color the ape alien just like he said … since they feel da way … “white lives matter too” and this is what they have not been able to take back but they were okay with black life matter …. To him is still slavery.

Rubbish 😂😂😂…the black People should have cancelled him long time ago ….he insults black people and told them their ancestors were Lazy ..he even called himself a white man

The same black people he sold to White supremacists? He is lucky blacks are not coordinated and some high-profile blacks supported him when he was saying rubbish about blacks and slave trades. When he said so Trump supporters were siding with him and saying it was politics, there is no politics when it comes to Jews, they don't take that rubbish. They have nearly wiped out cos of words like that. Their existence depends on it

the same black people he has been talking down on . Kanye even went as far as saying SLAVERY was a choice, like how??????😢


5 months ago

he did. Go and look at his comments and go to black Twitter and see how people are angry with him. He said slavery was a choice, words used by white supremacists to justify slavery and he brought White life's matter t-shirt, a logo brought up by White supremacists to counter BLM, he said it was not the police that killed George Floyd but drugs even after it has been proven that it was the police . He was doing everything to play into Trump's voters hand. Now he should go and meet them so they can defend him. They have now abandon him on this issue now.

so the black Africans that sold blacks for their greed and money were forced by white? Una go read one side of history to talk nonsense and if people talk the truth una hate am, slavery was global business

it was a movement and still is. U don't use actions of people in charge of money to judge BLM. BLM is an advocate for police brutality on blacks and other things. U don't live in the US so don't talk about something u don't know. I will advise u to read about BLM and the gains since it started before u spurts rubbish all becos u Stan Kanye. These are some rubbish those white supremacists are saying. Those people have been removed from the organization and been investigated so I don't understand why u associated the with BLM when clearly they don't represent it, they just took advantage when they see the money involved

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"You Are Liars" Kanye West Blasts Khloe Kardashian As He Insists The Kardashians "kidnapped" His Children And Kept Them From Him.

These Kardashians can resemble super humans with their photo editing sha

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