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2 days ago

Their office doesn't look isolated. Did you applied for a job, and you've been invited for an interview? Instead of researching the company before and after applying, you're here asking unnecessary questions. If you didn't apply I would consider it wise for asking.

I did a google search and found this. I don't know if that helps!

I Was Shortlisted For An Interview With Motion Yield LTD. Is This Real Or A Scam?

I Was Shortlisted For An Interview With Motion Yield LTD. Is This Real Or A Scam?

Be watchful.

Normal interview should have at least two days notice. One common thing with fake job interview is their short notice.

This looks like GNLD honestly. If you're in Lagos, you can attend just to be sure, if not, don't waste your money if they are asking for one.

Not just Bank job sir... Nearly every salaried job outside Top management position is nothing but slavery and gradual descent into poverty.

Even doctors, pharmacists, engineers, etc, are no longer spared. The thing is to have something extra giving you the needed financial uplift, or like the Op, going into something that will truly pay you with less stress.

Stop calling your former banking job a job. its corporate slavery. aka slaves in suit and tie

I'm happy for you and thank God for you. theres nothing like freedom from Slave masters that call themselves bank executives. Gone are the days when we used to envy/admire men and women working in the bank. They looked so elegant, sharp and smart. now they are not different from labourers doing hard labourous jobs under a.c's and With machines

However op please be weary of broke, entitled and rude slay queen's that don't have money to pay but want to give you sex in exchange for their transport fare or those that have perfected the skills of accusing you of rudeness or sexual harassment. similarly avoid girlfriends of yahoo boys for the sake of your sanity. congratulations once again


Your level will change in some few weeks..

Don't relax... Work hard to secure a second car and give it to a trusted driver...

You can probably earn total 400k/m

My lady banker friend is depressed, desperate to leave her banking job,but she's struggling to find an alternative as she's the main bread winner, and can't just quit.

The thing is wearing her down mentally.

Some banking jobs are something else.

I never add the Buhari regime survival to my CV I'm waiting make e finish make I come add the 8years to my CV.

Every day different information

How can one add his new Google certificate to his CV


9 days ago

Well said. You guys are either poorly paid or you were entry level, either case, I am not contesting this as I have limited facts. However years ago as an SBE (Senior Banking Executive) my pay would not justify me leaving the job and doing Uber. The only issues i would have complained about are (1) humongous targets and (2) time constraints leading to lack of rest and stress. Please note, I was a back office staff (Legal Support Services). All in, whatever works. I was only clearing the fact that the OP was a contract staff (and his write-up also confirmed it).

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Look this doesn't matter at all. Be it contract or full time. The point is working from the back end doesn't in a bank doesn't pose much to u. U aren't asked to work during the weekends, u are probably not even given any target. As a well knowledge person in the operations(thank God I moved on from the slavery) you practically never have time for anything and u think being paid a paltry 250k as an ET is enough? The man moved on from his banking job. This I admire seeing that if he makes a consistent 10k daily, that would land him minimum of 200k monthly assuming he doesn't want to be saving 100% his earnings. Alas! He would even make much more with a lot of effort and God's grace and still have ample reserved time for other things. We must encourage big moves like this! Now how many of the bank workers save that? (Remember am talking about savings). Most bankers don't even have up to 1/4 of their salary before the next payday.


The world has changed, and nobody should be doing a contract job in a bank of less than 100k per month with all your time taken to do nothing with your life

Why will a young man take a job less than 100k, work 7 to 7 with hard labour and no career growth nor transferable skills. Even full staff in banks don dey japa not to talk of contract staff, it is the most evil thing u can do to yourself

Only a masochist should work in the bank as a contract staff

I am happy I am bringing my son up in a very good way, as soon he writes his waec this year, he will go into learning how to make shawarma and others, I will open a fast-food joint for him later, if he gains admission later into the university at least by then he might have gotten.

experience in life which will never depart from him, that was how I made it, I have never worked for anyone in my entire life, I know is not everyone that will be a businessperson or entrepreneur but sometimes we should give it a try instead searching for jobs every time

I guess job seekers need to work more on effective acquisition of soft skills, also set your CV in a way that it will attract employers during review. Some people, their CV is tasteless and when you read through, you get tired.

Guys, try to buy laptop even if it is fairly used, wake up midnight and subscribe YouTube night browse N100 1GB and learn on YouTube. Learn different softwares especially MS Excel and engage yourself in constant practice.

During job interview, never rate yourself low, pray and be optimistic.

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