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LagosLast activity 14 days ago

Nasarawa Abeg. N120k Value In Nasarawa equals N1.2 Million In Lagos.

That 300k Is useless In Lagos, and It's more like a 30k Stipend.. Gone are those days. Lagos was meant to Kick-Start your Bachelor's Life and have a headway/to becoming great In life.

Suppose you try It now as a NOBODY. You will SLAVE away your productive, youthful life to Evil Forces, Merciless Marauders, and Capitalists who are leeching on the State. To make It worse, God helps you If you don't have a family background In Lagos or any relations.

In my Area now. A Standard Plot of Land sells for N40 million, and some of these lands were bought for N10,000 or Less then. Tell me how many years a youth will work and how he will be able to save much money In this useless current Nigeria. Even If someone has worked for 30 years. The person can't keep such money unless they dabble In the USUAL WAY of making money In Nigeria😊

LagosLast activity 14 days ago

Tell your friend to take the Lagos job. Lafia is a dead city. I have been there before. 300k in Lekki is better than 120k in Lafia.

Lafia, the capital of Nassarawa state, is a village. There are no opportunities in that land.

When I was in that dead city, I logged in to a hotel in the Gra( where the state government offices are. You will call that place an upscale neighborhood. Believe me, not, that place was disappointing.

Food is cheap, but what is the chance of getting another opportunity, and what is the possibility of being paid regularly in a city where most people are poor?


15 days ago

WorkLast activity 15 days ago

You, people, do not know that Olosho isn’t a high-paying job. It doesn’t work that way. Nah, audio money dem dey call everywhere.

They’re now very much in numbers. Supply don pass demands. Go to a club, and you can see 50 hookup girls. After the party, e fit be say nah only 10-15 see parol. The rest would try again.

Most of those girls are tired because it’s overrated, but the fear of whether they will ever find a guy to accept them for who they are anymore is one major thing that can’t make them stop.

Very extremely few girls are usually lucky to make it out of prostitution.

Don’t you see that most times, they don’t usually have transport money? For Lagos, you’ll see 7-8 girls staying in a room. Lol.. dem no get level jare nah why they always have to dress almost naked.

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A crypto community Admin in either Discord or Telegram will get less than $2k monthly. A content developer (article) for any of the top crypto content sites will get less than $2k monthly.

An infographics/Twitter manager for any crypto projects will get less than $2k monthly. Let's not talk about intelligent contract developers or websites dev.

Last last, web3 is the goldmine. I'm making this comment on either Steemit, blurt, or Hive. I might get up to $5.

And all you need is just a power supply and data connection. 

The wrong side: You will become socially deficient. You will gain more weight than you ever imagined. Boredom will be your surname. You will realize Nigeria looks like a cursed place, and those supporting politicians are foolish.


3 months ago

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Inflation in the USA is now at an all-time high. Do you know how much things used to cost when I got here? Do you know the level of inflation here in the US when I first arrived? Do you know how much easier it was when I first got here?

You think everything evolves around the naira dollar rate.

If you spend 100 dollars at the grocery store, your cart will be filled up. Now 100 dollars can't buy shit.

Inflation is everywhere. Nigeria is just worse than here but still better than many other countries.

LagosLast activity 4 months ago

I pray that propaganda outlet goes never to return. BBC and CNN have turned out to be the worst fake news/propaganda instruments of racial oppression against Africa and black world.


4 months ago

NigeriaLast activity 4 months ago

Instead wey some people follow instructions and apply now them go dey call someone from inside to help them get the Job and some ladies too go open leg for the Job, especially the cabin crew ladies. Gaul epos for this country ooo, we like a shortcut for everything.

Honestly, I wish that girl who was shot and killed by soldiers chasing a car carrying illicit products and I could switch places. I could take her place in the afterlife while she takes mine here. Even though my Papa gets money, this life don tires me. I want to die so bad but don't want to do it myself.


5 months ago

VideoLast activity 5 months ago

Lol. Her eye don clear. Now she wants a decent, God-fearing, hardworking, educated, tall man to marry her. They always think they deserve the best men after living their most productive years sleeping around.


6 months ago

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How can I download the acceptance letter?

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