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6 months ago

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How can I download the acceptance letter?

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You can't for now until deployment kicks off fully.

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Help Me Celebrate Please. I Finally Got A Job!

Congratulations, God bless your new job and keep you safe their

Any group of people that want to spoil your job will fight against themselves

I have one advice. Be up right no matter the situation. Be open to all and be transparent. If any one comes to gossip to you about another person, listen to the gossips but don't confront.

Use principle and diplomacy to handle such information. Finally be loyal to the school administrator


7 months ago

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You studied a very useful and vast course, choose a path in the course and develop yourself; it will put food on your table.

I studied same course; I do a lot with it. Electrical installation, intercom, CCTV, solar/inverter, a little of machines, electronic repairs, satellite dish installation, still undergoing training on complete networking. I have passion for telecommunications.

Go get a skill.

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This is the only sound post in this useless topic. Op is just here to brag and talk trash to discourage and mess with the mind of numerous struggling youths here online. Imagine bragging that many of his colleagues cannot lace his shoes - as if life is balanced. I wonder how he got to the so-called management shit with this his kind of egoistic attitude. This type will treat cleaners and office assistants in the organization like slaves. very arrogant goat. With all the trash talk he still fail to mention the type of job he does and how those hustling can access such job. He said clearly here that his first jobs were from Gist- if he is an appreciative person, how many times has he posted job openings in his organization on Gist to help alleviate the joblessness of some fellow Nigerians.

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I never add the Buhari regime survival to my CV I'm waiting make e finish make I come add the 8years to my CV.

Every day different information

How can one add his new Google certificate to his CV

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How Long Have You Been Searching For A Job In Nigeria?

Jus like yesterday, I overheard a young lady telling her friend she'll be travelling for her jamb exam soon and I laughed. She took notice of me and then asked why I was laughing. I said to her, "so people still dey seek for admission to go school?" And as if she got my idea and she too she started laughing.

I wish somebody would have told me to learn handwork first before going to the university. But come to think of it, would I have listened or did any of us ever listened??

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Me, 2014....with nysc 2016..

Since then I have worked in 2 places.. After my first job it took me close to 3years to get my present job..

God dey..

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Na person wey chop belleful dey job hunt. Make sure you chop first.

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