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APC supporters and members have high purchasing power. A bag of rice is 8 thousand nairas. Everything is so cheap for them, and some fools are still clamoring for that druggie to become the next president. APC is cancerous. They are killing the masses daily and feeding everyone with lies upon lies. How can a man with a narcotics history aspire to be president of a country like Nigeria, and the blind one still support him? What a shame. The Giant of Africa and the most influential black nation on earth. We deserve better.

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If you have a loose change, buy insurance shares now unless the upsurge is upturned. Make a choice not to complain if you cannot change the situation. Seek how to benefit from this knowledge.

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Don't be funny. They certainly wouldn't pay higher dividends to shareholders because the premium got tripled. The increment is to be appreciated by the owners, managers, industry influence peddlers, and regulators.

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