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  1. Which brand's toothpaste and toothbrush do you use?

I'm only brand specific if it's too expensive or low quality. The first consideration is price. Why? Because the economy is biting hard.

2)If you use or do not use Colgate, then why?

Price and availability.

3) what would make you switch from the paste you use to another? Like price, quality?

Price & quality.

5) Where do you purchase them? Like convenience stores, online, etc.?

We purchase them from Market, convenience/neighborhood shops.

6) from where do the majority buy their brushes/pastes?

We purchase them from Market, convenience/neighborhood shops.

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  1. I mostly use whatever brand I see, but it’s been either Colgate or Oral-B for the past two years. My current toothbrush is coincidentally also a Colgate brush(I don’t usually check the toothbrush brand).

  2. A decline in quality.

  3. Stores


one month ago

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She no lie..everybody argue with your keyboard. Especially on the billing side..give me this, l like, l want ,this happened, It is common knowledge amongst other African girls and ladies, East, South,West and others races that Nigerian men are one of the only few group that spoil women with money, that is why many non Nigerians ladies are always rooting for them because of the money nothing else. So eventually some people are in a tricky situation because money is interpreted as love,loyalty , when are we able to separate the two.That is why in Europe and US many Nigerian ladies and men are single, because independence is encouraged,no body is asking for anybody's money true love and real friendship are paramount.


one month ago

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First of all you said india are not olosho by nature really ?? So na olosho by disguise or what search it on goggle na india do prostitution pass 😂😂few days ago Hyderabad police burst a house or whatever almost 1,000 girls were rescued lol and that’s another thing so let talk about this if we are talking about indecent dressing lmaoo I know say the girl na illiterate so he no go too pain me because she no pass Delhi if you don travel well well for india you go know say na una wear ashawo clothes pass okay you say una dey drsss decent but almost 100 girls are been raped in india every single day and I never hear for history before say india guy rape a Nigeria girl never 👎 na india girl go leave her family and everything just to follow a Nigeria guy because of big gbola and how them take Dey knack them wella I get proof plenty of many india girls in my dm begging me to link them up with Nigeria guys some are even married lol 😂this so called india use to stand on the road anytime you wan see them around 11 pm both gays too them dey stand for road 😂you say your man die by road accident or na your family use india juju kill because them no wan make you marry ham once Nigeria boy start to Dey date india wey be say ordinary indomie them no fit boil na only chapati and onion with lemon 😂that guy will never get peace of mind because 24/7 she is on the guy neck and any single mistake or maybe if they are drunk they will threaten the guy and be like I know what you do I know everything about you if you leave me I will set you up and put you in jail if you think I’m lying ask anybody wey don date india girl if them dey get peace of mind unless say them wan bobo una becaue them dey help them call work 😂😂so if you be india babe you Dey form say you Dey date Nigeria boy my sister na because of wetin the guy Dey use you do you and I know that guy go still get 1 Nigeria babe or maybe East African girl that’s the fact One of my male friend he is a big baller and he carry him india gurl along well well wey be say if na Nigeria babe them go talk say na juju to cut the story short my gee com enter jail 😂the boy wey my gee put for house na him dey knack the india babe

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one month ago

not even up to a week so my gee com say him no Dey do again ask me wetin this girl do she rope my gee and make sure say not even 1 short him no carry ham for the house but God so good the guy is back on his feet now im not trying to judge anybody or try to make anybody look good or look bad Na for india you go see papa dey knack him daughter or landlord they knack him neighbor Wife if we are talking about hypocrisy india na 1 because they act like they are holy but na who no kmow go know 😂it is what it is so back to that nitwit you wey fit leave your family follow gbola or you wan tell me say you love the boy ?


4 months ago

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Ije nwoke. Men pass through lots of shit to make the family proud. To be a man is no one-day job. Respect your husbands and boyfriends ok, pray for them and keep hoping for their time to arrive. God bless all men, na time and patience we need to get. Nobody should put pressure on your life, don't allow that.

Is Nigeria and being called a Nigerian a crime? Here lies your answer. It is bad enough to be identified as a Nigerian and as people of color. No be say if you hit the black person he go dey change color as a white person when pummeled. I hate that this is my reality. Hopefully, it will be a short life to live.

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4 months ago

Biafran men are always spoiling the road for Nigerians. He may not have done something horrible, but because others have done despicable things without minding tomorrow, others now bear the brunt. So it was your fellow Igbos that created this reality for you.

Senseless comment

MoneyLast activity 4 months ago

There's always a reason. World people, let them be, please! How on earth will they have sex, dude? They look like a hippopotamus.

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