Gidi gidi bu ugwu eze. Also spelled Ibo and formerly also Iboe, Ebo, Eboe Eboans, Heebo natively Ndi Ìgbò.

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This woman seem cool, cultured and intelligent unlike that area mama that was slapped yesterday

First lady abeg help your husband, help the state grow. No do the opposite. I take God beg you


2 months ago

Because of Igbo culture of individualism.

Igbos hardly act as a group when it comes to social wellbeing and business dealing.

Take two Igbo traders in the same market, one has 25L of fuel to power his generator in the market while the other has non, both can power their generator if the trader with the 25L shares his fuel with the trader that has non.

But the average Igbo business man will not share only out of necessity.

The average Hausa man doesn't mind sharing with 5 other traders.

The average Yoruba trade is indifferent/undecided.

So you see, over the years this doctrine of individuality has always pushed Igbo forward.

Not just in Nigeria, go to Benin, Togo even as far as Ghana they dominate sectors in those countries.

This is one part of Igbo people that I respect a lot. Giving everyone an opportunity to succeed in life!


2 months ago

The Apprenticeship system has done wonders for Ndigbo but I think it’s time to modernize and expand it into non traditional areas. 

It should be modernized by making it a legal contractual agreement between owner and apprentice. An escrow account for the apprentice should be started once commitment has been made. The owner will contribute to the account according to agreed stipulations.

It’s should be expanded into vocational areas and not just trade. People can learn different trade skills and get a government recognized apprenticeship certificate after their apprenticeship training.


2 months ago

Osinbajo is a complete failure just like buhari. 

All he does is to drop motivational quotes here and there, no actions, nothing nothing at all. Just dropping motivational quotes everywhere he goes! What a failure!

It’s the economic model that brought a lot of Igbos out of poverty after the devastating civil war. 

When IBB went to Onitsha in the late 80s, he was shocked that the same city that was leveled to the ground has been reconstructed by Igbo entrepreneurs. There was very few signs of war.

Every tribe have apprenticeships system that work, they are not just as loud as igbos, every things you boast of others have done it before you. 

Edo enrich themselves with civilisations like the Europeans but at the same time have respect and forbearance like the Japanese.

Religion has done alot of harm in our society today.

These all play out well in our current Nation. Tch

Yes of course, what a lot of people are practicing is religion not service to God

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