Gidi gidi bu ugwu eze. Also spelled Ibo and formerly also Iboe, Ebo, Eboe Eboans, Heebo natively Ndi Ìgbò.

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U won’t understand until u are a father and a man comes up to say I want to marry ur daughter, the man will dance coz when he remember others are out there given this Toto out for free he rejoices for his daughter

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Please allow Daddy to dance ooo. He's a happy father❤️❤️😂

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abeg don't say homosexuality is same with heterosexuality. No study can support that. It's just an evil desire that self control can help you solve.

Everyone I believe have some dark fetish they'd love to try out, but our beliefs & self control keeps us in check. That's what y'all are trying to do away with, self control. That is why the rainbow community is coming up with different sexual perversion & trying to force us all to accept it, calling it pride (proud of yourself no matter what) this is stupidity.

That little box (self control) like y'all call it, is necessary to keep the society clean & sane so we don't destroy it. Mind you good governance isn't all that matters. A society starts from the family & the government has no business there.

Not as if all heterosexuals are better than all homosexuals, far from it, but the main problem with y'all is the fact y'all try very hard to make this nonsense make sense, bro it can't! Bcos there's nothing natural about having sexual relationship with your same sex. No one would be born like that & the world would be almost empty, if not empty by now if that was allowed by our ancestors.

Yes, science can help a little now, but how about then? Seek help bro, we all struggle from one thing or another but the day we take those rubbish habits as natural & no need to fight it, then the battle is over for you.

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this your epistle is not necessary . Look at the post and try to understand context. It is wrong to force anyone to accept something that they do not believe in or ascribe to. How dare a school “force” a child to take part in something that a parent expressly refused to give permission for .

You can’t take a child for an excursion if the parent does not sign a permission slip . Be whatever you like , have any orientation you want but you cannot force anybody to accept it and/ or like it. That is going against their own fundamental right of acceptances and association. As long as they don’t come to your face to harass your choice of sexual orientation keep out of their face as well and keep away from peoples children …. … Na wa oooo ….. 🤷‍♀️


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This is so funny not because its not serious but because its relatable and palpable. Thus firm of conversation between us and our parents comes in different firms and shades and the funniest part at that stage you might be misunderstanding it to be harsh treatment without knowing that in dusguise is a prolific effective form of home training and being meticulous with life in general and yourself in particular....years later you look back and become grateful for such moment knowing that it was borne out of love. Our parents are the MVP aswear...till you grow up and meet life at your doorstep you ll understand 😆


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Those of you that have parents that still give u money, you don't know what God has done for you. The last time I received money from my parent was 10years ago. Though my father is late, I'm the one giving to my mother till now. Make una still dey pity una parents. Use every penny given to u by them well

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Our chief executive father called us lazy youths, so we decided to prove to daddy that we were better than he thought we were. Buhari also called us Lazy during the days of Fela, and Fela questioned the government with his music(beast of no nation) about how a government can call it's people lazy. Animal wey dey wear agbada

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This topic is interesting, so for your average Hausa-Fulani, do the state and its associations work well enough that they can hope in Nigeria and invest and develop?

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Apart from all the points stated, the typical Hausa or Fulani folk not from a juicy income frame generally have shallow endeavors compared to similar people in other parts of the country, so they would hardly ever put in the work it takes to hustle for Japa.

Their outlook on life and many things is 100% opposed to ours.

This is also why we say that the overwhelming prevalence of the population in the North is deadweight to the country, save for the little vegetables they farm. But some would say it is anti-north rhetoric. I don't know

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Win or lose, and you'll never see or hear Igbos 'wail' like your lot. Country better na for you and me. E spoil na still you and you. Igbos adapt to any and every circumstance. Politics of hate, I'm not in support of that. But we are proud Ndi Igbo will continue to adapt to whatsoever this country metamorphosizes into. Who knows, more will flood Lagos make billions, and push it to SE to build their luxurious country homes and mansions. And before you shout 'Tinubus Lagos or your so-called vote for Sowore, ' think about your family's future. You have to vote right for their future. We need a working Nigeria. We need new ideas, and what makes you think Igbo cannot lead and implement their industrious ideas to make Nigeria work?

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