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But truth be told sha, Why giving birth to children when you know you gonna risk their lives like this?

Guys let be wise. It may be a stunt.

If it's real, then those girls are amazing, even the Okada man.

If you feel it's wrong, buy them a car or keep quiet.

Enuf of this Nigerian criticism.


2 days ago

You're talking arant nonsense. They're from different homes. It's the work of the government to bridge the gap between have and have not!


2 days ago

Na so we carry problems fir head as Nigerians too. Wetin dey shock you, see children dey enjoy there self, you dey here dey shock.


29 days ago

Life can be hard and some people can just give up on it and it’s craziness and decide to be locked up. He doesn’t want to deal with the craziness of life and prefers the quiet and the meditative life of being locked up. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding peace and wholesomeness of life and being alive.

What? Usually when I am in a more content place in my life I laugh a lot more at everything. If things are bad I find it hard to find humor and want to cry more.

Also a person quick to anger in my experience is usually impulsive, abusive and concealing a hidden trauma.

It is also important to consider things that lead to the things we do, before we make a psychological assumption.

Blood lines

Its the task of a man to have a son in any way possible to continue his blood line. This very reason is why in the UK or USA people need caregivers who are migrants because the old are either homeless or abandoned.


Men are aware of the responsibilities in society and God has blessed them with strength to labour and provide for the family. Even to his wive's aged parents, he's expected to function in time of need and take care of them if he is able to.


The war in Ukraine would have been a walk trough if there were no men to fight and defend the country's interest.

Think of that for a start

What's The Obsession With Having Male Children In Nigeria?


one month ago

MEN, very important and endangered species! Do you know the population of Women in the world today?

Have you not noticed how women want to be feminist so bad just to be on an edge with men until of course its time to do whats demanding. Women are on a mission to end humanity by wiping out men. So men must stay strong!


one month ago

That name you are carrying around today, the land that you originated from which is where you're calling your home town today, this very country Nigeria is also as a result of men who preserved it for us and made all that possible.

For example, a man came from Togo and marry your only child, a female child, don't you know that you daughter will now bear the name of the man, all her kids will belong to another man's homeland in Togo and possibly take your inheritance. And, that name you inherited from your father will end through your lineage.

Someone said because men can fight in war like Ukraine?

Please stop lying to yourself I will rather follow the news I see with my own eyes that what your cousin told you.

Ukraine has over 37k women in their military and according to reports they are fighting one that died last week was a mother of four stop deceiving yourself even the wife of the president of Ukraine refused to leave Ukrainian women have taken weapons to fight and it is in the reports some women who left left to protect their children and would gladly stay to help if they could. Why some women run from wars is fear of abuse and sexual violence animals in men skin subject them to during war.

Read this article and stop deceiving yourself.


Thank God that today women are changing the narrative and also making breakthroughs in their fields if women were at par with men. Thank God for some women who made scientific discoveries this past century and the ones upcoming in STEM.

The pictures below are they not Ukrainian women?

What's The Obsession With Having Male Children In Nigeria?

What's The Obsession With Having Male Children In Nigeria?

What's The Obsession With Having Male Children In Nigeria?

What's The Obsession With Having Male Children In Nigeria?

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