The Hausa are the largest ethnic group in sub-Saharan Africa with the second most spoken language after Arabic in the Afro-Asiatic language family

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May APC never happen to Nigeria again. May Death, shame, and disgrace come upon the body that will cast their vote for APC. May the person die that Saturday night

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This topic is interesting, so for your average Hausa-Fulani, do the state and its associations work well enough that they can hope in Nigeria and invest and develop?

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To a considerable extent, I'd say.

If he decides to start farming, I'm very confident for a few States like Benue, Kaduna, and Taraba. There are barely herders destroying their crops. They mostly get loans, equipment, plant products, and lesser expenses, unlike the Yoruba and Igbo.

If he decides to work in the Civil Service and has relatives already in the government, and because they practice a higher level of nepotism, their chances are high by 70% or more if he is a core Northerner with deep roots in the region.


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Ahh, this explains the publicity in the social media about rising unbelief in Nigeria and a desire for Yoruba and Igbo to form their nations. How likely do you think this is?

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Apart from all the points stated, the typical Hausa or Fulani folk not from a juicy income frame generally have shallow endeavors compared to similar people in other parts of the country, so they would hardly ever put in the work it takes to hustle for Japa.

Their outlook on life and many things is 100% opposed to ours.

This is also why we say that the overwhelming prevalence of the population in the North is deadweight to the country, save for the little vegetables they farm. But some would say it is anti-north rhetoric. I don't know

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A Wedding Was Called Off Due To An Incompatible Genotype. Should This Still Be Relevant Today?

Smartest Move Ever! The best move for both of them. Their decision is wise with a strong mind

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Good stuff. They're intelligent. Although love has no boundaries, we must be practical and realistic when making such decisions so we don't regret it in the future.

They did the right thing. Love is not enough. Healthy Kids come first. But, Why wait till this stage b4 going for their genotype?

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A Wedding Was Called Off Due To An Incompatible Genotype. Should This Still Be Relevant Today?

It's better than bringing innocent beautiful kids to come and suffer in pain, all in the name of love. But genotype is something you check before embarking on proposing marriage to your partner.

Those are the best decisions ever.

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‘the aboki’ 😬

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The same thing I first noticed. Imagine reading a post by a white man, and he says, “the blacks are so nice, I was walking by, and the n-word saw me and handed me some watermelon to taste.”

I cringed, too😭😭😭😭.

Interestingly, you compared tribalism in Nigeria to racism in America. There's no limit to how humans can categorize our differences or ethnicity.

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I’m dead 💀


3 months ago

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I am a non-WaZoBia, and I think this discrimination can be curbed if you can call us by our states and not confuse yourself. Akwa ibomite isn't Igbo, but we've lived in that shadow over the years, yes! Yes, when I tell northerners that I am from Akwa ibom, they quickly assume that I am Igbo! Maybe we have a few similar words like Igbo, but I am definitely not of the Igbo tribe. We are the fourth largest ethnic group after those mentioned above, but the status quo hasn't given to recognize all smaller tribes. Please, let us stick to using our states rather than categorizing us randomly into bigger ethnic groups when we aren't part of them.

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3 months ago

I am non-wazobia ohhh.. from plateau state, berom by tribe 😃

Akwa Ibom has different tribes, so nothing like Akwaibomite

Then be a man and fight for your own country. Until then, Nigeria is Wazobia, and you are free to fall under any group that suits you.


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After watching this video last night, I don't even know what to say.

These guys are not happy with what they're doing but they can't help it...

If they were listened to maybe we won't be where we are now...

This was the same reason IPOB became a terror...

From the video I noticed obvious there was a time when they were facing several challenges as regards their cattle rearing business, since there's no appropriate channel to handle their issues, they resorted to fighting...

Let's call them to order... Trust me they will embrace ranching if we can tell them how it will benefit them the most...

The government should do something else this thing will consume all of us

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Another simpleton. You cannot change the Fulani man's mind for a thousand years. You think the Fulani elite class do not know about ranching or can't use their Fulfulde language to persuade their kinsmen on ranching? If ranching is an approachable solution, why did their former sultan say that Nigeria is an inheritance for the Fulani's only and must be conquered? Honestly, some of you are so annoying, esp. southerners. You go to school but never learn to reason critically. Fulani's all from 16 Africans countries came to Abuja a few months ago? How would they access up to 16 countries and gain significant numbers if they stuck to ranching only? Did you read of the 1804 Jihad by the Fulani's on the Hausas by Dan Fodio? If you per chance, studied the history, did the Fulani's tell you ranching was their problem. We cannot afford this kind of backward thinking by some of you in our midst anymore cos your ignorance is putting all of us at risk. NONSENSE! undecided


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How this one take concern common us? Why them no carry the media go North if they are really interested in the interest of Hausas and not capitalism, making money and promoting their colonial mentality?

Fela talk am, Yeye dey smell

BBC Hausa Based In London, Is Celebrating It's 60 Years Of Broadcasting In Hausa Language.

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Lol it’s rough over there too. The culture is extremely powerful and influential. So everyone there run a low key

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