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I’d rather vote for one with the ‘unstatesmanlike response'… cause even with Buhari so called 'quiet and dignified response’, we Dey see shege pro max

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They don't understand that PO is our choice and there's nothing anybody can do about it 😂 we are ride or die fans. All of them are coming out one by one to talk about it. Why? If PO sneezes, they will talk, if he takes a shit, they will talk, because they are hot and bothered about the support PO is getting 😂 una go talk tayaaaaaaaaaa.

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Dino is a disgrace. In an ideal society, the dino is supposed to be in jail.

Dino should 'go and sit down. His motive for coming to that Town Hall meeting was to attack PO. Meanwhile, his principal Atiku was nowhere to be found. If 1000 Dinos like, make them find fault with PO, we still vote for am.

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