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Nigerians must find a reason to smile

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Peter Obi is already changing the country. Wow this is the good Nigeria we pray for👏👏👏. Please keep up with the good work

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I knew a young man who had a good woman by his side for over four years. She was with him through thick and thin. They met in the university and she stuck to him like glue even though he offered her only himself and his lofty dreams.

She loved him, stood by him while he was still trying to find his feet. She refused to leave him even when her friend tried to match-make her with one big boy in town then. This girl was certain that her boyfriend would succeed and marry her. She refused to listen to anything contrary that people were telling her.

But years later, after the young man started making money, he broke up with this girl. He said she was too humble and quiet for his liking. He claimed he needed a feisty woman by his side who would sustain the success he had attained. The girl was shattered. She cried and begged him but he stood his ground.

Months later, he married the woman he wanted by his side and all hell broke loose. While in courtship, she pretended to be nice at first and won the hearts of his family members. They welcomed her and sang her praises to everyone who cared to listen.

But things changed after they got married. She became the opposite of everything he wanted from her. She would insult him, steal his money, buy things in his name, chase away his family members from their home and almost destroyed his business.

The young man regretted his action. He traded the good woman he had for someone who gave him high blood pressure. He had to lie on his bed the way he made it. So, I ask again, why do good men marry bad women? Is it because of confusion, greed or excitement?

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If You Know, Played Or Rocked This Game, Please Say Hi

Did you remember the soccer. They tried some 3D. The ball often hit the cameraman behind the goal. Some so sweet.

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Lol. You made a very big mistake breaking up with her before collecting your laptop back. You might not get it back. Just tell her to send all your files to you if they're so important. At least even if she's that hungry that she wants to keep the laptop, will she eat the files too?

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A Customer Gave Me Heavenly Currency Last Sunday

I don laugh tire🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Please don't, except you still love him.

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Not so much

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Only this bible verse is reasonable and really telling us how to overcome poverty

PSALMS 128:2

Your work will provide for your needs; you will be happy and prosperous.

The rest bible verse are gibberish

If you master the huzzle you will conquer the struggle

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PollQualified Nigerians With PVCs Will Vote In The Next Few Weeks. Are We Educated Enough To Vote For The Right Choices Without Prejudice?

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A Sick Woman From Kaduna State Identified As Dorcas Has Allegedly Refused To Be Treated At The Hospital Because "it Is Against Her Tradition.''

Activist Chigozie Effe, who disclosed this on Facebook, said he had traveled from Minna to Kafanchan in Kaduna to take the woman to ...

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A Pregnant Lady Was Arrested After NDLEA Operatives Found 800g Of Skunk Inside Two Radio Sets Her Sister Asked Her To Send To Dubai.

The lady, identified as Mrs. Sylvester Gloria Onome, was arrested at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport on January 30 while ...

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Reno Omokri Applauds Northern Muslim POS Operators For Charging Less Than Southern POS Operators.

He says POS operators of Northern Muslim extraction have again shown why the average Northern Nigerian Muslim commoners are typicall...

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