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I don laugh tire🤣🤣🤣🤣

Lol. You made a very big mistake breaking up with her before collecting your laptop back. You might not get it back. Just tell her to send all your files to you if they're so important. At least even if she's that hungry that she wants to keep the laptop, will she eat the files too?


4 months ago

Heya she know say you be gentleman Kai....see wetin nice gentleman dey face for woman hand. Maybe she knows you as someone who likes peace and doesn't like trouble...the new guy fvcking her is using the laptop to do crypto for their future together lol.

Oga put the fear of God in her...make one of your friend wey get strong manly voice call her,be should pretend to be an inspector and she is needed to show face in the police station...he should also threaten to arrest her mother for conspiracy and theft.

If she no give you back your lappy make I bend, she'll even have a new found respect for you cos now she sees you as a sissy.

If you give me like 3k with her number I go run am for you.

Very hilarious 😂. Nice 👍

This is funny to read.

I almost fell off the chair with laughter.

I guess mallams can help you change that heavenly currency but I don't know the exchange rate.

Just give the currency to another person and bless them as well the way u were blessed .... Na so money dey exchange hand cheesy

Are you sure you don't wanna try your hand in comedy show..

A Customer Gave Me Heavenly Currency Last Sunday

I Swear, i for don reach aboki before i recog. say no be dollar bill

aunty ahnie you just make me fal from bed

god will uplift you! You shall be a blessing

¤heavenly currency indeed. Better save it for your heavenly expenses lol¤

Not so much

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Tread carefully

Please don't, except you still love him.

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Love can change a lot. However, it's possible there's an ulterior motive. Question him.


7 months ago

Most people abroad are emotional criminals. They all want to get papers there. Now, when you come home, most ladies people turn emotional criminals also as soon as they hear it's an abroad person, and they are worse. For example, a good girl will be pushed even by her boyfriend or family to marry the guy, get papers, and divorce her. Lol. That's a good girl oooo..she turns a criminal instantly such offer comes. Have you not noticed that almost everyone in Nigeria doesn't see anything wrong with internet scamming? Seriously. Check well. They tell you that everyone doing it is a businessman, but the thief is the one caught. Even parents are arrested with their children these days cos they encourage and support the kids. Parents pray for their kids these days to be successful in yahoo business.

So, if you come to Nigeria to pick a spouse, they will want to take advantage of you also. It's an opportunity for them. Let me tell you the truth, the people abroad are criminals, the ones at home too are criminals. The only issue is that this abroad are with years of experience while the ones at home are just starting and give them 3 months, they act even smarter than the one with many years of experience living abroad.

So, wisdom is needed. You still have a better chance picking from Naija. But you must not show you are from abroad. If you can act as if you aren't living abroad, you can get a good spouse. Apart from this, I don't know oooo. People are desperate these days. Marriages are lies. Money is love now.

Let me advise you. You can marry anyone. Just pray for wisdom. Asking you to come pretend you aren't from abroad doesn't make sense. Just be yourself, open your eyes, and find a spouse where you are. Open your heart to anyone from any race.. white, Latino, Asian, black, etc. I even prefer Asians. Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Thai, etc still have low rate of adultery.

Marriage is not what you ask for advice on the internet. This is the truth. You need wisdom to choose a good person..

Marrying And Taking Her Abroad; A Regret?

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