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You guys should stop this hypocrisy of saying why he did a video of him gifting a friend a car ,that he should have done it private , and forgetting that the guy is a content creator and he just use one stone to kill two bird which is helping a friend and creating content on his page .. Some of owna no fit ever ever dash anybody anything even if nah Shirt wey you don wear talkless of car .. Congratulations to the new car owner .

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God bless everyone out there who gives a helping hand to their fellow brothers/Sisters. E no easy though, but act of kindness goes a long way


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Femi Otedola Gifts Daughter DJ Cuppy A £5,000,000 House For Her 30th Birthday.
Femi Otedola Gifts Daughter DJ Cuppy A £5,000,000 House For Her 30th Birthday.
Femi Otedola Gifts Daughter DJ Cuppy A £5,000,000 House For Her 30th Birthday.

Wow, Congratulations to her💖 My Dear Heavenly Father please bless your daughter with everything that will make me happy in Jesus Christ name, Amen🙏🏻 Thank You Sir🤍

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Femi Otedola Gifts Daughter DJ Cuppy A £5,000,000 House For Her 30th Birthday.
Femi Otedola Gifts Daughter DJ Cuppy A £5,000,000 House For Her 30th Birthday.
Femi Otedola Gifts Daughter DJ Cuppy A £5,000,000 House For Her 30th Birthday.

This is Really beautiful if A Man Can love his child like this and give her wonderful gifts because she’s been making him proud, imagine the type of gift Our God in heaven had in store for us when we truly love him and make him proud


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Yeye pastor....just for the media.....while his congregation some people there needs house rent ... feeding money...you carry bag normal bag over 59million give David bae.

I tot he was a pastor? I guess he isn’t a full-time pastor he probably works or maybe he won a lottery because it’s certainly not money people give to the church for God’s WORK that was used in purchasing this bag mba it certainly can’t be, pastors are supposed to be decent people this one too I would like to believe he is decent too.

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Mathematics? That's weird 🤔😏 I thought we all hated these math teachers

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Successful people love mathematics. You better go back to school and redo mathematics all over again so you can love your math teacher

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I think she have her reasons ❤️.. wait oo how can you come person ceremony without a gift or drop money as gifts... Just come to chop and run away go gossip the same person you ate her food 😂

What about those that wanted to give cash or gift cards Did? Did she also buy petrol for those that drove in with their hard earn petrol? Above all it's nice to attend such events with a gift.

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Your girlfriend is baggage of load. She hasn't sorted herself from a previous relationship and jumped into another one? And she is the same person her brother insists that she dates a yahoo guy? And you said she is fickle-minded and you are not financially buoyant? It will soon clear from your eyes that you will likely be the loser in all these.

If you approve of her going over to her ex, she will go, and they will have sex. The guy knows her more than you do.

Jees! Just get out of this mess already and focus on you becoming financially buoyant.

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See The Garri Cake My Students Gave Me As A Birthday Gift This Morning

This gesture says a lot of positive things about not just your students but you as well. Considering the ingenuity, loyalty, polite gesture and humility, this gift signifies makes it more valuable than millions of naira(because if they could easily afford millions they would have given you) and it takes a special kind of person to inspire such gestures from people. Please stay on your current trajectory. People like you are what the world needs right now.


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If she's demanding for it then it's not a gift lol, it's feeding her entitlement mentality. The guy nacking her, who will most likely not buy anything for her will lick the chocolate you buy for her off her nipples later at night.

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