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Change environment to where light dey constant. In every state they have areas where they enjoy at least 10 hours light a day.

Also, I have a luminous inverter that lasts me 8 hours ( charging my laptop and powering my two monitors). The light here is not so bad, So most times, The light comes back on before the inverter battery goes low. The last time I ran on generator was 2 months ago

I attached a picture of how it looks below

Inside the enclosed plastic is the battery.

How Did You Solve Your Electricity Need Without Use Of Generator. I Hate The Sound Of Generators.

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I Am Tired Of Staying At Home And Do Nothing. Which Of These Skills Should I Learn?

I like the fact you're willing to learn a handwork.

Just go for the fridge repairs. You can easily diversify into rewinding of coils and repair of fans afterwards.

From fridge repair, you can still fit easily into air conditioning repair and general cooling systems.

Barbing is also good if you can conceptualize it to be different from the normal in your area.

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See What Happened To My Generator When I Checked This Morning

Try buy 2 guard dogs or atleast 4 bingos..

The way the thieves worked on your Gen should tell you what would have befallen you if they had successfully gained entrance to your bedroom.

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Help! My Generator Works For 12 Hours Everyday (Photo)

You should change your oil every 60 hours or 2 weeks of running it daily @ minimum of 5 operational hours..

To get a good life span out of your petrol generator,

Do an oil change every 2 weeks of 5 hours daily usage (2 stroke cycle oil) and replace your spark plugs every 3 months,clean your carburetor and air filter every 3 months to get a good Air and fuel ratio in your combustion chamber.

Lastly,make sure your oil alert switch is tested after every oil change to avoid a locked up engine.


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People Share Their Experiences Starting This Generator (Photo)

Lol.... Middle class family generator in the early 2000s.

Wahala starts when the roller refuses to eject out properly.

Next thing na to jaapaa or you loose the whole of you teeth and possibly your head sef...

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