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Are you surprised...Am not, when there are so much confusions and disarray in the polity and virtually everybody is at lost to the true situation of things, playing safe becomes the best approach and its so unfortunate because not everybody is disposed to POS and cards. All this as a result of having confused unpatriotic greedy dubious insensitive political leaders that have plunged this country to state of comatose making life so hard for its citizenry with so much sufferings. Its time to get it right by voting the right candidate OBI-DATTIFULLY on 25th

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Plan funeral according to ur pocket ..say no to entitlement syndrome 😢😢😢😢😢

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I remember when I was just done with all last year I have tried and tried searching and searching for ways to actually help myself. I called a friend of mine of 20 years who publicly acts like a person with the sweetest most kind heart telling him that guy I have never asked you for anything before I don't need money ,I know you know what I am capable of I just need assistance to clear some debt and help myself but I am asking for a job .

Our kind of job is not a 9-5 could be a day max sometimes 2 week . Trust me he has the ability and connects to help . I told him I say guy i dey edge like this like this that's why I reached out Abi you go like make you hear say I die and you go say I know her before rip . I beg help me . He said no problem ,told me he had a job for me my mind come down say glory . Omo he stopped picking and I don't like to bother people I would ask for the date and time that is ok for me to call you I was shocked lol I tried texting not one Reply for months ,I thank God I come locked . How I take reach this day like this I have no idea . GOD is Massive


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It’s 5years and I still haven’t forgotten my mum, 😢 it’s not so easy to lose a loved one bro, I remember my mother every day


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I was the service of song yesterday at ikoyi, I don’t know her in person, but I felt very sad yesterday especially for her little daughter I saw... rest well good woman ❤️😢

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This is really sad. May her soul rest in peace and may God grant them the fortitude to bear the loss. It's so painful.😢

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"You Were So Good To Outsiders, But Your Own Home Was In Shambles," A Family Writes Hostile Biography In A Funeral Brochure Of A Man.

Whatever these uncouth children have written, irrespective of their traditional Igbo practices will also be written about them.

Some children grow up out of childhood into mature human beings participating in their native societies' social and economic activities. At the same time, some will forever remain breast-sucking children in an adult's body, called bodybags, never appreciating whatever their fathers have done in their lives.

Such people abound in Nigeria and the world over. People that never bear responsibilities to themselves or any other person. Reply to every question thrown at them is I don't know, and honestly, they never know and will not make efforts to tell till living passes them by. These have exposed their folly and their mother's folly, except it is not the tailor that fed them till his burial. Shameless children. These children will be further deceived by their extended family members because it is obvious that they have not learned family history lessons from their late father.

To other growing boys, if by the age 22 _ 25 years of age you have not begun to appreciate your father's role in bringing you up to that age, you better go on an excellent brain scan. If it is the only food he could provide adequately for you till that age, you should thank him and ask for his tricks. At least you would have learned a valuable lesson from your father in your future life.

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The thing is, did the children consider the legacy their grandfather left to their dad?

It's probably related to the inheritance he didn't leave. The man was generous to people and was crowned with a title.

In some cultures or clans where money is way too important, the man's generosity is a crime.

The man's kindness and generosity may be the legacy they don't realize. It may be their saving grace at some point in their lives. My dad was very public-spirited and kind. So was his dad. People talk about it endlessly today. Now I know the value of it.

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God should end this world; evil is becoming too much, and Heartless killings are everywhere.

Very painful. I wonder if they did any forensics on the body. Specifically, did they find this bus driver's DNA in her fingernails, body, or body? Because I think this man was trying to deny that he did anything to her. May her soul rest in peace.

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May her killer never go unpunished.

So sad, May she rest in peace. Your killers will never know peace.


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Photos And Videos From Funeral Ceremony Of Don Jazzy’s Mother
Photos And Videos From Funeral Ceremony Of Don Jazzy’s Mother
Photos And Videos From Funeral Ceremony Of Don Jazzy’s Mother
Photos And Videos From Funeral Ceremony Of Don Jazzy’s Mother

It ended in praise, may her gentle soul rest in peace. Sometimes we use every event to show off our wealths without thinking if it's the right place or time. Don Jazzy's Mother's burial turned into fun and cruise avenue to most of our insensible and unarticulated celebritiesy

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