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Na him wan go bury the queen? Or they hired them as photographer ni?

At this moment Vp Osibanjo is in London president Buhari is in USA 🇺🇸. Abeg who dey aso rock now...na question I ask o

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Sha no Borrow Funeral Money make dem no kuku Bury us Join🤷🏼‍♀️ They didn’t send Bubu so he doesn’t go there and say Eliza was a generous sponsor of BH and he has come to show gratitude 😂 Who send am. Nonsense

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Many ladies in Nigeria do this a lot especially logos ladies, is only God knows how men survive in Nigeria 🇳🇬

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Probably his sugar baby that's sad her sugar daddy died and money will stop flowing into her account

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You spoke with a dead man in a dream and you come to his burial to cause commotion based on what you saw in your dream? Do people even know what happens in REM sleep? Kinds of Stuff in your brain start playing intensely. This lady has had this in her brain against the wife of the deceased. She hated his wife. The man didn't tell you this in life but told you that in death? Smh

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And why didn’t you record or make a video to back up ur claims???? Autopsy will tell, relax urself. And who are you to Paul! Tankior.

We really cannot trust anyone in the world we live in today. Can we trust her " accusation" . Maybe yes, maybe no. Can we trust what Paul said? Maybe yes, maybe no. Paul knows his wife has been putting "stuff " in his food and he kept on eating? That statement is unclear. A simple autopsy I think will bring clarity.

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Abuja We Only Asked For 1million😩😩😩

Abuja we only asked for 1million😩😩😩 Mikano no gree start Fire just dey roast agbado 😩😩

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