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When I was small if the movie stay more than a day in your hand, when returning it, you will pay for demurrage.

That period that word sounds like doomerage  as the person is doom for keeping it more than the agreed time frame.

At a point we named that video renting centre doomerage, like "Chiboy go and rent movie at Oga Doomerage video centre .

Though the shop owner named his shop Bonx video shop but we prefer Doomerage  bkus the former sounds like what we eat everyday as kids.

That was in the good old days, when girls were virgins and sex was sexy.

I'm talking about the days of VHS.

This business was very lucrative back then but unfortunately Alaba boys pirating put sand sand for their garri... .

But Piracy favoured them especially the actors by helping them distribute faster and made them more popular.

The intellectual property owners were the most hit.

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It didn't favour them much because immediately piracy gained enough ground people didn't see the need to go about renting from them anymore when they could just buy and own a CD for #100, mind you before piracy a CD cost at least #1000 or so which was why people go out to rent from these guys back then. Meanwhile one could pick about 5 movie CDs and and not pay up to #500 for 3days or so.

The good old days of watching Nigerian films like osufia in London, rattle snake, karashika, Diamond ring etc

Whatsoever you're good at today, make sure you always update yourself to keep up with the latest developments. Otherwise in 5 years time, that lucrative business of yours could become as relevant as this video rental shops today

When my dad was still working at CBN . He has this video cassette shop he run as side hustle .

People came to rent cassette that year.

Every home has rewinder. This na around 2001 lol

What a way to smile back at memory...

Flashback: Did You Read This Book "Edet Lives In Calabar" While Growing Up?

Ali and Simbi for primary 2

Edet for primary 3

Agbo for primary 4

Mr Ajao was a poor farmer for primary 5

Emeka and Wakama for primary 6

Don't forget ALAWIYE YORUBA too    

Indomie generation you missed alot ooo

Good old days

Standard of education was so high then... It has fallen sharply as most schools are looking for profit at the expense of students.

Flashback: Did You Read This Book "Edet Lives In Calabar" While Growing Up?

Flashback: Did You Read This Book "Edet Lives In Calabar" While Growing Up?

JESUS CHRIST!!! Now I understand how my vocabulary and words appreciation developed

I read this book in primary school...in the late 90s...life was good and easy then! This is pure nostalgia! Macmillian books are legendary!


one month ago

.......This and many others.

The good ol' days when men were boys.

And women were girls.

And virginity was sweet.

Flashback: Did You Read This Book "Edet Lives In Calabar" While Growing Up?

Flashback: Did You Read This Book "Edet Lives In Calabar" While Growing Up?

Back then it was Simbi goes to School

Now in 2022 its Simbi goes to Hotel

Flashback: Did You Read This Book "Edet Lives In Calabar" While Growing Up?

Mostly when I come across a Hausa Man. Those peeps and Radios are inseparable...

Or when I travel in an old man's Uber... (Younger people rarely play radio stations)

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