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As A Young Guy What Are The Consequences Of Asking A Girl To Come To Stay With Me?

I will advise you don't accommodate a young girl of that age. I made that mistake in 2018 when I accommodated a junior colleague in school and also got a job as house mistress for her. she went ahead and raped a 14-year-old boy from Lagos, and the boy was diagnosed of being psychological trauma. I was arrested for standing as her guarantor, and not only that the girl is not different from a dog, na almost everybody dey nak ham for my street, even the guy that introduce her to me will travel from ile ife to come and knack her when I'm away..

It's hazardous, and this is flesh anything can happen. I will advise you to reject it before you put yourself in trouble.

Sign out.

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It’s really cool to break up on a clean note because no one knows tomorrow

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This story reminds me of what a supposed friend of mine did to me earlier this year. Yinka, may God judge you wherever you are.

Long story short, I spent the night at this my guy's place on a Saturday/Sunday. The next morning I paid my house rent using his laptop and stepped outside for a bit shortly after using my card.

Baba wiped over 160k from my account. Guy that I was feeding and planning on buying food for that same day. Omoh, I was speechless.

The next day on Monday I went to bank. That's when I knew he used my Opay to run the level. Deleted all my alerts and feigned innocence. I went to the police, paid 2k for report and 5k to settle Inspector in charge(after so much begging).

Las las, they sent one police man to follow me and we carried him. He slept there over night. The next morning, his pops came and las las the father agreed to pay me. 

Took him about 5 months before I got my money (police Sha collect 4k again)

In this life, watch who you call friends. No dey disclose your net worth and even if you do, understate it like crazy.

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