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Funny thing is 90% of NPF are frustrated Nigerians who are almost dying of hunger . The remaining 10% are from the Cadet . Probably people who dreamt of becoming police officers in life . 90% is worrisome but true . Okay name one person that is doing police job as a dream come true . They are usually unhappy in the job because they have other dreams that didn’t come true as a result of the dysfunctional system in Nigeria . Ire o

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Is this not atiku wife bag they are carrying. Her husband is jus a contestant and already his wives has a police orderly carrying hand bag.

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Honestly, where there is no law, there is no sin.

However, you don't have to be stupidly wicked to cut off heads because you want to implement draconian rules. Nonsense!

Why can't Lagos send offenders to jail without the option of bail for maybe 3 to 4 weeks and see if people will not still break the rule?

Nobody wants to be incarcerated for silly.


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So soldier with gun fit beg & cry like small pikin like this?  

Nigerian Army Special Forces Personnel Personnel Weeps And Begs For Forgiveness After His Superior Caught Him Collecting Bribe From Motorists (video)

Look, it is very easy to stop all these bribe-taking by uniformed men if only their superiors really want to.

Unfortunately they don't because the same superiors are the major partakers of the bribe returns.

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