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You mean the dark, sweet, chewy ones that make your mouth fill with saliva...lol. Idk where in the US you live, but you can get them at African stores. If you live in the DMV, there are African stores everywhere.

I sometimes get them from a Nigerian store very close to me—about $3 for a bag.

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Poor choice of Medium’ .. it wouldn’t look so bad on a classy white dish. But Some people do way too much! This is overkill.

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The one on the left looks like a prawn and egusi—the one on the right looks like an earthworm.

See presentation.

Forbidden garnished lemon egusi and amala?

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LOL It’s Amala and egusi on top of catfish

I don’t know what kind of catfish they have, but that thing looks like a squid

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oyinbo people like to modernize our dishes... sadly they usually fail miserably at it; I don't see any Yoruba man eating that thing in the picture called amala... sey food wey no fit belle full na food, that thing wey no fit full person hand...


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Hmmm, you're immature a man. Nevertheless, The lady in question is equally untrained, immature,greedy,and filled with demon of immorality.Instead of you to thank God for delivering you from a girl filled with demon of you were ungrateful trying to revenge on menial things. lf you continue in this manner, you will surfer hell in the hand of women. She can hide you manhood in the mouth of yemoja! Fear woman!

There is nothing like being broke. It's a turn off that you go out with someone and all you could think after all is ask for take away. In this case, not even for one person.

This guy try self. I have done it to a girl. Asked a girl out for a date. But she found that occasion as time to eat and request for everything. After all our talk, said wasn't interested but haunty requested for take away.

With conditions and responsibilities I must be fulfilling before she can decide to date me.

I simply asked the service girl for my bill and that she will pay for hers. E shocked her. To her, it was like play. Until I changed it. Nonsense! You're not interested in me but na to bill me. I just went to my car and drove off.

While I was leaving I heard the service girl saying to her;" but una dey Bleep up ooh, how guy go carry you come out and you just dey order anyhow, even when you no hold anything, girl, you Bleep up full time..." she continued...

Wetin concern me. After all, Buhari don give it us in the hardest way, so any girl wey Bleep up, she go collect

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Broke men everywhere!!

Ladies should learn how to stay away from broke men. Broke men are the worst species living on earth. Puke!!

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You must be a shameless glutton to say this. If he was your brother, would you be OK with a girl doing this to him? It's the guy's birthday for crying out loud! She should be the one giving him a treat, not the other way round. And instead of her to respect her broke self and shamelessly full her tummy alone, she decided to disgrace herself by getting take away. Who does that? It is women like you guys that make men ridicule women. Awon alatenuje oshi.


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You need to learn how to easily move on and go into deep soul searching. When you find her, it will be love and not pity and feelings of compromising will become an act of love. Please do not go into your next relationship out of pity or expecting to compromise a lot. There is someone for everyone. Work on yourself, be true to yourself, be proud. See yourself as your own God and you will only find what you look for. look for Gold.

Also to your post, Congratulations if that increase your immaturity ego.

Boss do not do it again o, this is hardcore and it is too much, we are all human we learn to forgive and forget and move on.

I Called My Ex-girlfriend And Took Her To A Restaurant And We Ate A Lot. I Took Excuse To Go And Do POS Payment And That Was How I Left Her To Pay ₦24,000 Bill. I Needed That Closure To Move On


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Those blaming the Guy doesn't know how painful it is to be betrayed. My Guy, I no too support you, but I understand why you do am, I be Real Nigga too.

All this girl's this days be like say them no get brain at all, most of them don't have any Common Sense. Do you know how painful it is for someone you stood by, treating you like trash.

You did that for her to know what pains feel like.. Make e pain her say she wan pay for watin no dey her budget. My G. Take handshake

You don't need any respect from her, someone that humiliated you and make you had sleepless night. Don't force yourself in a relationship, it will come someday.

My last relationship ended 2018 and since then, I never thought I would love again, Manchin when know doinz cun still dey misbehave, I fashy am.

People cun dey tell me say I get stone heart, bcs I believe make we enjoy, make we Bleep, if I see say you dey love, I end that relationship, bcs I bargain only on Bleep.

Brotherly I cun see serious girlfriend last year, she was my Birthday gift, smiles, I cherish her a lot, but do you know if she say she is not interested, I won't kill myself, I will take aliba and forget, Bro I believe I need the best always, when she know some of my ex, she jealous, she say na only fine girls I dey date oo, I say I no fine, make I follow wowo girl.

My Guy lockup relationship for the now, just enjoy, no rush, there is no rush in Marriage, Buhari first Son is 30+ and he has a beat future


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She is a cheat and a pest, and she deserved what she got. You served a guy breakfast, wasn't enough. You still bold carry your two left legs come wan come chop. Op sef good.

You for buy expensive drinks like two. Open them on top the table before you left. Make she too know how pains dey be for body.. I don't have pity for cheats .. Imagine she be wan still cheat on her current lover again, if the op wanted the community pussy.

Op why you go even fall in love self. Them use love do you something?

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