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I don't know how you see this trans of a thing, but it's a genetic disorder and not the person's fault.

Initially, I followed this thought until I entered medical school, and my eyes were slightly opened. Those genetic disorders can be corrected, though. Still, it becomes complicated when accompanied by physical factors like having a rudimentary breast and vagina together, having both penis and vagina simultaneously, or something like zero sexual attraction to the opposite sex. These are established medical conditions not necessarily due to lifestyle, like Bob risky, James Brown, and Co.

Just understand that you are what you are because of your genetic makeup, but you do what you do because of your hormonal makeup.

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Nigerian Christians are like Nigerian politicians that are creating evil laws/policies every year while implemented by zombie administrators & others who enslaved people with uniforms & guns.


After all, they are a lot of transgender in Nigeria ministries.


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Very true. How can a woman be a Pastor to men? Even if women are ordained bishops, it should be for women, not the entire congregation of men and women. Men, you are not equal to women at all.

A woman was made from man, made for man, named by man, created after man, provided for by man, headed by a man. A woman will leave her father's house to her husband's house. A woman will drop her father's name for her husband's name.

The name woMAN, MAN has three out of the five letters, feMALE, MALE has four out of six letters. Men, our fathers were marrying multiple virgin women, and these women respected them, so why would you kneel to propose to a woman?

Why will you simp for women and worship women? Men made everything women use, even their pants and bras. Men created even the only fans and Instagram they use to sell their bodies. Men, even JESUS, had no female disciples and apostles. JESUS knows the female nature. Men, learn, learn learn.

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It shows the mental state of those supporting Atiku Dele Momodu and Reno. You can't blame them na British govt they look after their family.

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This woman would kill her boyfriend or husband if she saw a pad in his house that wasn't hers.


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All the claims of women who visited me disguising menstruation were never actually menstruating when I force my way down. They were all dry as harmattan down there with a plank size pad.

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The family should be compensated and also he should also be sentenced to death as well.


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Too sad. Rip. I'm a notorious loner and a core introvert. I pray this doesn't happen to me. I live alone, with no wife, girlfriend, visitors, or friends. The best my neighbors get when they bump into me is a good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. No one to help in a health emergency. No blood relations in my city of residence. Let someone not die, and after many days, the neighbors will be alerted by the odor oozing out of his flat. May God preserve me despite my shortcomings.

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So, someone rented a furnished apartment just last month, and the rent is about to expire this month. Was it a monthly payment? And you devoted so much time and money to a tenant you barely know? How are we sure the so-called boyfriend and sister of the deceased you are talking about are not audio bf and sis? A lot of questions you have to answer bayi

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l believe he has a mental problem or is psychologically out of balance In short most of them need deliverance from the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah

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Bob come carry your apprentice. This one no do freedom run comot ooo.

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She really no do freedom run commot oo. Stupid mentality. De Don

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