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Before they start dying baba you for use some do chicken buy oil to fry and cook them ad sell for canteens and restaurants for a cheaper price because like this you go loose wototo... I run a poetry too. But I am sure All these dead chickens would be skin washed.. iced then shiped to Lagos for our fast foods to sell...not forgetting those roadside aboki selling fried chicken and yam 😂😂😂

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it is like you didnt read it was caused by flood.

FYI it was not caused by flood. He said the state has cut off supply of medic because of a flood, he can’t access medicine for his birds bcox of the flood! Na birdflu kill them. Whatsoever i pray he get some solace 😢

I don't know how people like you think sha I swear, still baffles if truly you are giving birth by a woman or animal. You sick asf

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