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child spacing isn't the problem here. But the care given to the children which is lack of planning and poverty ruined. Mercy Johnson did the same and she has a healthy children.

Other well to do individuals did the same thing, planned ahead and made provision for it. No matter the spacing between children, issues like this and worst will come up if there's no plan and resource to nurture them.

I see nothing bad in having all your children within short period and couples face raising them together provided it's well planned and resource are available. One man's food is another's poison.


4 days ago

I am a married man and except you get married you may not understand very well. A lot of kids come through accidental discharge.

In fact my second kid was not planned. I was using withdrawal method and even avoiding ovulation time but lol, didn't work.

Oyibo people would call that unwanted pregnancy and abort it but we Nigerians have conscience. Even family planning also fail these days. My brother nobody will intentionally space his kids for just 1 year. Impossible

We are five siblings...and we are all 3 yrs difference in age,

I think it all depends on the circumstances..

For example people are marrying late these days, and they have no time to space . They go into emergency reproduction.. If you can take care of the children and if it will pose any risk on the mother...why not


4 days ago

Nigerian graduates sha. I have to realize say sense no be because you get certificate.

Just imagine say I go pharmacy to buy condoms, the seller who happens to be a registered nurse dey look me one kain all coz of her religious BS. Isn't she supposed to be happy that I'm tryna protect myself from infections and getting a lady pregnant when not needed now.

Some people ehn. The couple wey I explain above too na religion things.

Na so my female neighbor marry ooo. Smallie for that matter 4 yrs ago oo. We don enter 5th year. Belle baby number 5 don enter, If you see the remaining four kids. Dem be like quadruplets. Almost same size

And most annoying thing both she and d husband no dey tek care of d kids.

She looks old now sef. Too many kids in little time. Haba na. Make we dey fear God, to staff sef require sense.

Dear Parents

If you must get your children Android Portable Devices, you need to follow the below steps to be safe:

1. Register a gmail account for them with the correct age and with your email as the parent.

2. Install Google Family Link on your own phone.

3. Add their registered e-mail to your Google Family Link.

4. Factory Reset their android device if they already have one then login the device with their own gmail account that is linked to your Google Family Link.

5. If it is new device, make sure it is their gmail you use to activate the device.

6. Immediately you carry out step 4 & 5 above, your phone will get a notification to allow them activate the device, this is the beginning of you taking control from anywhere.

7. All adult content of any form will never load in their phone.

8. They cannot install anything without your approval remotely from the Family Link.

9. You can lock their device from anywhere.

10. You can set a start and stop time for their device usage, the phone will lock when it gets to that time even if you forget.

11. YouTube will not allow them see adult content too.

12. There is also YKids, which is YouTube for Kids, I recommend you remove the normal YouTube and give them YKids.

13. From your Google Family Link, you can see how long they stayed on each app or page to warn them where necessary.

14. You will see as much as major details of the app.

Dear Parents, let's protect the morality of our Children.

Anybody who tells you after secondary school is just deceiving his or herself.

The world is advancing pretty fast and a child as early as possible is expecting to get going with computers and phones because we are in IT world. There are lots of kids making alot of money on YouTube, also by playing metaverse games or selling NFTs.

Most of the Tech billionaires today got their first computers at a very tender age and started writing lines of codes.

One good thing about children is that as they play games on computers, they dream of creating their own games to their tastes and from there a programmer is born.

As for me, my kids will have computers then tablets and phones as early as possible.

They won't be allowed to take it to school and they will have hours when they are allowed to play and explore it. The internet at home will be restricted and a firewall place to permit Just a certain sites.

These I did with my nephew back then when I was still with them and I noticed he became fun of constructing stuffs. My bad laptop. I don't discard them. They are at home and I notice he derives fun opening and closing the parts. Also there is no. Folder in a system. He can explore.

That is the way forward with kids. Not outright ban


2 months ago

Some one said they should have one in case of emergencies.

This typical nonsense excuse for making the same stuuupid decisions.

What emergency are they likely to be looking for on the internet?

I would love to see stats of the "emergencies" children have been involved in in Nigeria (or even any other country) that they needed internet for vs the number of children with phones with internet.

You people will do stuuupid things and then turn to prayer to give you the right thing.

You give your child internet, you effectively give them a third parent (or second if you are a single parent). End of!

The internet will help raise your child and determine their moral values, at a period while their brain is still learning and is malleable.

Your wife will be mother, Cardi B will also be the mother. So is Nicki Minaj and co. You can gaddam pray all you want.

Yeye "emergencies"!

Add a comment...

Someone mentioned emergency and you are already attacking her. I am sure do not have kids nor have they had to babysit even a dog. You think parents give their kids smartphones just because they want to? Some do, not all. In this busy generation, parents video call their kids regularly to check on them. You don’t just leave them with the nanny or whoever and assume all is well. If they didn’t use phones in 1902, that is on them. They also didn’t use emails, they trekked kilometres with scrolls. You can revert to that, since you are so fixated on the bad side of technology. The most important thing is PARENTAL CONTROL. A lot of parents do not know how to implement this, even on electronic appliances. 5yrs old kids in India are coding and you are here saying your child wouldn’t use internet until they are 72. Mtcheeew!


2 months ago

A child can have a phone as early as 15 or even earlier.

Got my first phone at 12/13, but the internet wasn't as toxic as it is now.

So many social media apps with lewd contents, spam ads leading to p0rn sites, etc.

For me, I'd get them smart devices with no internet connections from 5/6. Access to internet will be granted but closely monitored with google parental controls by 15/16.

I canor shout abeg.

However, I will restrict the access to the internet. I will especially block facebook, set a limit on YouTube say 30 Minutes per day, lock instagram, snap chap …I Dey undecided on WhatsApp.

To conclude, The fact that cars get into accidents doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use cars but apply prescribed caution

Phone itself is a great tool if used properly, what one should watch for however is Social Media

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