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2 days ago

“All poor men have a weak constitution and lack self control”. - Anonymous 

This dude is a perfect example of a man who can never make it in this life. This is not because he slept with his cousin’s wife, but because at 21 yrs old he has no boundaries or principles. 

At half that age, I already knew that it was wrong to sleep with the WAGs of my friends after one small Diobu boy travel im squad come Akpajo just to confirm like one million 5k for one guy face! 

So if ur barnie fine like that no vex buh, me & u can never be friends! 

You kon be my helper, ur wife don turn my guy be that!!

How da hell will u na sleep with ur guy?? 

Help people from a distance. 

Times have changed, na my family, na my sister no follow. 

You are not responsible for their fate, make them follow God talk. Help them from a distance.

Some men are like dogs. Someone can never be entrusted to your care. You repaid good with wickedness. How could you do such to someone who financed your tertiary education.

You deserved to be annihilated from the surface.

He should own up to his cousin and not commit suicide, next time, he should try to control his urge or flee like Joseph in Potiphar's house.

Like my Igbo friend will say, Ochala red (e don red) you don go pregnant your cousin's wife ,carry story come dey give us for nigeria , i will not advice you because you are not obidient. Wetin Rihanna no go see under umbrella ?

I Have Impregnated Wife Of My Cousin Who Pays My Fees – 21-year-old Man Cries

You see this I'm staying with my elder sister or brother. I live with my cousin or niece kind of story no dey move me.

What was the young man expecting when he told this id*at to come stay with his family? To be looking at the wife orInfact you guys that leave your wives and husbands in Nigeria dey try Sha...

Omo if we can't go together, we go hustle together make two of us go at once. I don't buy into this idea at all Biko. Serves the bingo right, hope he learns from this but what is there to learn sef? Mtcheew


2 days ago

Normally Buhari will be shocked with this kind of news. Mtcheee... I don't know why people keep carry things that don't concern Nigerians .

Sadly, you mixed emotions with financial dealings with a Nigerian. Your money is literally gone. Nigerians are the worst people to loan money to. They wickedly collect the loan with the intention not to repay.

Should I Arrest And Sue My Brother-in-law For Refusing To Pay Me Back Money I Loaned Him

1. Your recording will do little or nothing legally. You should have properly documented an agreement and collected collateral / guarantor. Whether he is family or not is immaterial!

2. Going to the police will cause you more financial distress. He may even use your money to manipulate the police against you.

3. The best bet (without guarantees) is to pray that God softens his heart to repay you. Also involved family members to persuade him.,But get ready to move out of his house if you start forcing repayment.

You have learnt the hard way NEVER to loan an Nigerian money without a solid debt collection mechanism. Nigerians are pure evil people who don’t repay a debt!

child spacing isn't the problem here. But the care given to the children which is lack of planning and poverty ruined. Mercy Johnson did the same and she has a healthy children.

Other well to do individuals did the same thing, planned ahead and made provision for it. No matter the spacing between children, issues like this and worst will come up if there's no plan and resource to nurture them.

I see nothing bad in having all your children within short period and couples face raising them together provided it's well planned and resource are available. One man's food is another's poison.


5 days ago

I think you need to figure out if your in-law is financially buoyant enough to repay you the money and he chose not to. What's his current financial standing in terms of cashflow, work and other related £xps..

How much is his discretionary expenses has he been meeting before and after you began living with him?

Businesses generally are experiencing bad times due to the realities on ground and crunching economic decline and all that. Size him up in terms of the expenses he's been making for the past few months to know if he deliberately chose not to.

Then you can quietly speak to lawyer to write and deliver him a letter of warning, demanding that he pay you or get ready face civil litigation that would warrant him to pay demurrage and interest on the capital etcetera.... your lawyer would know better.

If he fails to comply or do something about that, then you can sue him to magistrate court and have everything strengthens out. BTW: Litigation should be the last resort if Arbitration fails.

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