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I rarely go on Facebook anymore. Facebook now feels like my village town hall meeting r


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Women…! meeting a stranger on social media bringing allowing him to move in with you as in your husband or what? allowing him to be using your car etc, all in the name of looking for love , most of all these young boys in lady’s dm in the name of getting to kn them don’t even have kobo, no job nothing they’re looking for desperate independent women to make them fall in love with them then later scam or kill them and take their assert’s hmm 🤔 such nonsense would not even come near my dwelling cos I don’t even fall for such bullshit May her sour Rest In Peace 🙏🏽.independent women pls be careful don’t be desperate for man, the man God has prepared for you will find you some day

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an you imagine this sorry excuse of a man. She was abusing you and you stayed? You saw free car, free accommodation, everything free! You intention from the one set was greed because if hitting her with a pestle was a mistake, you would have stayed back to ensure all was well instead of running off with her car and phones. Oh Mr Longer throat, you had a motive! I wish the worst of all. Now, if you a single lady doing well in Abuja, please be mindful of the kind of men you roll with. Many are looking for their next free accommodation and how to extort you in the name of love. From fake love up and down. Some Abuja Men are viciously heartless. They will ruin you!


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Inflation in the USA is now at an all-time high. Do you know how much things used to cost when I got here? Do you know the level of inflation here in the US when I first arrived? Do you know how much easier it was when I first got here?

You think everything evolves around the naira dollar rate.

If you spend 100 dollars at the grocery store, your cart will be filled up. Now 100 dollars can't buy shit.

Inflation is everywhere. Nigeria is just worse than here but still better than many other countries.

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'I HOPE YOU RESPECT ME' ‘I’m Gay’ – Iker Casillas ‘comes Out As Gay’
'I HOPE YOU RESPECT ME' ‘I’m Gay’ – Iker Casillas ‘comes Out As Gay’

LOL. He was hacked as usual. lol I don't think its true. It seems he posted it as a joke as a protest at the Spanish media linking with with lots of different women. The press have taken it literally. 

Iker Casillas: Ex-Real Madrid and Spain keeper deletes 'I'm gay' tweet and says he was hacked - BBC Sport


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Just like if a man decides to save his money and not be careless with it. Will you now blame the women that finished his money or himself for being foolish with his money. this shows how stupid these women are

Let not your heart be troubled. Just keep your body worthy. We are old, but the bit of good we can do is share our experiences, either good or bad. If you believe in the efficacy of prayer, keeping your soul and body worthy will be advisable because you have a lot of praying for your future as a young one. Another point about the vicinity is some women who do sports, ride bicycles, climb, or come down staircases rigorously typical of youth can innocently lose it without even knowing.

So when you marry such, you may be thinking in your oh! what happened. To be a virgin is for both man and woman. In the olden days in my place, the husband mostly would not even know how to go about it on the first night. It used to take the elders who'll guide him by explanation.


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Facebook: Nigeria Sues Meta, Seeks ₦30 Billion Penalty

Yesterday: I went to a restaurant. I saw there was a WiFi service, So I asked for the password. The waitress told me "Eat first,"

So I placed my order. After eating I asked again for the password, and again, she told me "Eat first".. feeling frustrated, I ordered black coffee, After coffee, again I asked for the password. They told me "Eat first".

Then angrily, I walked to the restaurant manager and asked for the password. He replied "Eat first!! I was about to explode when I finally saw a sign on the wall........... WiFi password=EAT FIRST.😂🤦


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Depression Is Serious And We Should Take It Serious In Nigeria. "They Are Here To Take Me Home" - Panic As Nigerian Leaves Suicidal Notes On Facebook
Depression Is Serious And We Should Take It Serious In Nigeria. "They Are Here To Take Me Home" - Panic As Nigerian Leaves Suicidal Notes On Facebook
Depression Is Serious And We Should Take It Serious In Nigeria. "They Are Here To Take Me Home" - Panic As Nigerian Leaves Suicidal Notes On Facebook

The same we come online and say DEPRESSION IS BAD, Be NICE to people, let’s make sure we give same energy offline. It’s easy to write but are you truly nice to people?? Do you really care about people? Can people confide in you? If not then let the CCHANGE START WITH YOU. We are losing so many to depression😭😭

We are all going through alot but i pray may we never take our own life😢is not easy but we shall overcome ❤️


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Congratulations. We all need someone and happiness


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A Nigerian Lady Narrated How She Saved A 13-year-old Girl Who Snuck Out Of The House For A Blind Date With A Man She Met On Facebook.

If you are a man and you don't see wrong in the idiot/paedophile engaging the girl , but you are so quick to condemn the girl's parents on child negligence, you are also a pervert. And to men indulging under-age, y'all should be hanged. You have no right to erection even if an under-age open her naked laps opposite you. If an under-age sit on your lap, even naked, and you have an erection, you should seek help

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