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Unless he is lying and there is no gay entertainer anywhere, he is a very foolish and unreasonable man. Of course, the gay person that propositioned him will now be worried that people will be badgering Kunle for the information, and Kunle might tell one or two people. And we all know that a secret is no longer a secret if more than one person knows. Next thing now, the gay entertainer will start to imagine ways to kill this loose mouth of a man before his secret floods the blogs or gistlover decides to dial his number


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Na so ooh. Thats was how one woman asked me to spend a night with her so that she will buy property from me and also make me a big girl in Abuja... A condition man never give me before since my journey as a sales person, e come be person grandmother.

She work in a big cooperate firm, a big woman, a boss, and a wife..na only God go safe us.. The problem is not even them asking you out, its them trying to conceive you that you are not really straight as you said. dear Lesbian this una attitude is very irritating....i told this woman that iam straight, she started laughing at me, she to me, thats how everyone says that are straight untill they have a taste of it....its so groose, According to her, she said, i will make you a big girl, you will live the life of your dream as an Angel you are😢😢😢 A woman that is old enough to be my mother.. I will never forget this incidence till i dei.

This woman have toasting lines like men,..she will tell my how my voice is Angelical, how my bum bum take set..that😭 How she loves me and dream a night with me.
honestly that very moment, I was actually thinking that rapture has taken place and we are in hell, because there is no way this could happen in the same world that I was raised....but sadly, its a reality in the world today.
An event to remember in my life

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😂😂😂😂😂your" trying to convince you that you that you are not really straight" got me laughing out loud.shuuuu! E don reach like that?

some na for rituals purpose o

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Att @PoliceNG @Princemoye1

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