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God, please. So sad. I hope it does not affect the Nigeria office sha

if na Elon musk now, we nor go hear a word again


3 months ago

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Inflation in the USA is now at an all-time high. Do you know how much things used to cost when I got here? Do you know the level of inflation here in the US when I first arrived? Do you know how much easier it was when I first got here?

You think everything evolves around the naira dollar rate.

If you spend 100 dollars at the grocery store, your cart will be filled up. Now 100 dollars can't buy shit.

Inflation is everywhere. Nigeria is just worse than here but still better than many other countries.

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The inflation rate is not where that of Nigeria. Do you want me to bring charts?

I see some acquaintances moving to the Midwest & South there, but in Nigeria, security & flooding make every other place apart from cities danger zones.

Just check Prof. Hanke's inflation chart stats. Although his figures are incredibly conservative if you ask me, Kidnapping is a big business here, if you don't know.

The bandits even kill some people if the victim's families are wasting their time. Nigeria is a waste of space on the planet.


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No other country in the whole world can compete with the US economy. It's the largest in the world. Do you think only Nigerians are dying to leave their country and run to the US, Canada, and others?

Comparing the Nigerian economy with the US is like comparing an Ant to an elephant. As bad as inflation is here, most people worldwide will still come here because it's worse in their home country. Do you know how many people worldwide are risking their lives daily to smuggle themselves and their families into the US via dangerous land borders?

Do you think it's only Nigeria...ok na.

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Hmmm, it's incredible!!

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What Employees Go Through In The Hands Of Some Employers In Nigeria Is Absolutely Pathetic

Does the fact that people chose to work for and not start their business justify the mistreatment they receive from their employers?

Must everybody start business? Which business have you started?

The same you who saying employees are wailing is the same person wailing about govt. Why don't you contest for a govt position and go and fix the issues you raised. In your own words "those who take bold steps to go into politics and government are making sacrifices and should be appreciated.

Many of you talking about "own your own business, own your own business". If we all own our businesses, there will be no employees. All private school owners will have to teach by themselves and in most cases, they aren't professionals in that field. If we all sell snacks, how are we going to get buyers? If we all repair phones, that means we will all live to repair our own phones. If we are all fashion designers, then we will only be fashion designing our selves.

If we all do business, we don't need education. No need for primary - tertiary education. Let's all just start this business from the day we stopped crawling.

Let's not justify the wickedness of some Nigerian employers by telling our selves to go and establish our own businesses. Nigerian employers have to do better.

Our government have to do better too.

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I Just Lost My Job! Nigerian Companies Need To Take Care Of Their Employees

A lot of people never had a job even after NYSC

Just like every other military and paramilitary uniforms, the nysc outfits is also a national symbol... But look at how a part of it is being made useless (cos it's useless anyway)

Such can only happen in a lawless society like ...

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