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It’s about confidence and determination!!! Make sure you you read all your questions paper well, don’t let anyone fill it for you. Do review, let’s one of your smart friends question you! They don’t care you have money or document, they just want to talk to you and see fear in you!! Once they discovered suspicious behavior, it’s a NO for them and mind you they watch everybody via cctv before you enter there! They are very smart and psychologic!!! They know how to read people mind! Even if you know the answer, have something to say! Good luck!!!

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I don’t think they do cos if they do i would have been granted.I was denied twice this year despite the fact that is on medical grounds,if they could treat what i want to travel for here in Nigeria,i honestly won’t bother traveling cos i don’t and never want to live outside Nigeria.

every nah ori ooo. When I got my US visa 7years ago I was not having any document . My presentation was good . I was bold enough to answer all their questions.


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see there’s something about traveling people don’t understand, each country have their own rule and priority!!! If you are going for medical, firstly u need to have family there not just family, your blood brother or sister, or family with your surname!

What’s your travel experience? Job experience? Your networth with strong ties!!! They don’t wan liability or you don’t want to go back to your country!!! This people understand red flag!!! And the person that is inviting you should be clean, bcoz background check is very important!!! U sit down and think about everything and rehearse everything before you go.

Sometimes they might ask u why do you choose their county? If u have travel experience that’s give u 20% , family 20%, good job 20%, what do you have in Nigeria that will make u come back 20%, the rest is your communication! They will give u! If u r going for medical there’s a rule, conference, visiting etc, each one of them get their own rules! Don’t give up.

they don’t need your document, they just need to talk to you, that’s why u have to be bold to remove red flag! Someone said she study computer science and they ask her what is Java, she no fit answer and she tell them she just paid her school fees and she give them the document, they return it that document is not important, the school can refund your money! The girl Dey cry! You will notice when they are asking question they normally press their computer, they are checking the % of ur truth! If u get 80% you are qualified! They just hate lies!!! And with Nigeria reputation, they know about fake documents and co!

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Me that they asked me to state my name and age while looking at the camera na so I mumu come say 1993 instead of 1994 but immediately said "oh 1994 please"

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