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100% Igbo, guys!!! This is so shameful. Though Igbos often boast of being the most resourceful and enterprising in Nigeria, now we know where the capital comes from! Funny enough, many Yorubas are into it, like your Jagaban, a confirmed Escobar! But the whole world knows the Igbos are the Mexican cartel in Nigeria. God, as you've decided to deal with fake prophets, fake men of God, selfish politicians, and wicked men who shed human blood continue to expose all the enemies of Nigeria. Let their nakedness be so vivid. Amen.

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Quite sad. Must you guys hustle this way? That's how you will see young guys tossing wads of cash at people at weddings, all in the name of "We don arrive" it begs me to ask, " Will someone that makes legitimate money be throwing up cash like that? All of you will be spoiling the names of honest guys from the S.E. doing their legit hustle. That's why young men have turned to this drug trade to torment and engrave.

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Human beings are very experimental and Would want to try out different things, especially the ones they see "danger" boldly written on, because how do you explain the fact that on a pack of cigarettes, it's boldly written "smokers are liable to d!e young" and one person will smoke one carton in a week like "trailer exhaust when don spoil". Please come and buy healthy fruity zobo to repair your liver that you are already damaging.πŸ˜‚

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The high demand for drugs by young boys and girls ehn. Na wa

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This life no easy and no resource in Nigeria to provide an alternative

As money no dey to buy Hennessy skushis go suffer for am πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Alot of people are going through alot and till you find yourself in those shoes you might not understand what such situation feels and looks like. Nobody should make one going through addiction or some kind of drug abuse feel judged rather these people needs all the support and prayers they could get and reaching out to such person and simply checking on them and giving them companion or words of encouragement can be life changing.

Pray never to put in certain situation by fate or life and may God continue to protect and safeguard us with His direction and presence from all vices and against all evil. Its well

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Ogun state and Edo state which one is more bad ass coz seem like this two states are doing competition Bassed on merit… πŸ˜‚

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Oh God...how did they do this na....now they won't allow someone carry yam and travel again 😭😭😭how will someone like me survive without yam😫😭😭

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Notin beats a LEGIT HUSTLE cos las Las HARD WORK pays alot and it also gives you peace of mind πŸ€”

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See her looking so innocent. Sometimes looks is deceiving why lose your life over money. They told you will pass when you dress like mummy G o abi sis they lied to you 😒😒😒

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She didn't even pack it intelligently... Me self have reason 4 unquestionable places to pack things like this..πŸ˜‚

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