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Her reluctance to do a 360 degree for the photographers shows she's also aware that she's an idiot. How's this even ok in a continent that prays hard, fasts, calls God's name every two seconds, and prides itself as the bastion of godliness? The African landscape from Cape to Cairo is littered with places of worship constantly bleating on about morality, decency, humanity, and the common good. We may be rubbish at governing ourselves and individually selfish. However, we should be proud of still holding the baton for fashion decency and training kids better than the Oyinbo.

The latter have turned parent, human rights, and individual freedom into one big duffel joke. Walking around naked just because the western cultures encourage it shouldn't be copied by our women. Any woman who dresses like this in Africa and Asia is immediately tagged irresponsible, passionate, and ashawo for avoiding reasons. This isn't about doing whatever you like with your body. It's the madness of indeterminate proportion. If I were this girl's father, I'd be ashamed of her. If she were my sibling, I'd avoid her like the plague. She's a dunce without proper upbringing, and those who think this is ok would need their heads examined and frogmarched to the nearest psychiatric clinic.

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Hell fire πŸ”₯ will start from Ghana πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­


4 months ago

u must be very stupid , is this not 1000000 times better than killing and kidnapping in ur useless country. someones body is ur problem abi??

This is what all the gold-digging feminists and hoes in Nigeria want to turn Nigeria into. That is why they hate Pastor Adeboye and his wife, Funke. They want to turn us into western American culture that is deteriorating daily. God forbid!

Word, in unrelated news, I love you


one year ago

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Is It Proper To Dress In Native Attire To A Job Interview On A Friday. I Am Trying To Show Up As Cultured, Professional, Original And Welcoming

My last interview was on a Monday, and I put on Native wear with native cap....wetin concern me....I want one fool to send me back by saying my traditional attire and culture is a taboo.


Meanwhile, I performed Excellently well in the interview.

Your confidence and approach to questions matters more than suit. Just dress formally. Be it native or suit ..

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