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Michael Collins Ajereh, known professionally as Don Jazzy, is a Nigerian record producer. He is the founder and the CEO of Mavin Records.

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I wish Nigeria were safe as it used to would have loved to visit my old Kaduna neighborhood. Quite heartwarming, don't forget your humble beginnings, no wonder he buried Mama in Lagos. Cherubim bikin

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I don't think you are right. They did celebrations of life in Lagos. I don't know if they buried her in Lagos. Get your facts b4 commenting.

Omoba! I miss the Mo hot years shaa


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The girls no even dey shame. For their mind, Dem dey make money. If you fit to do this one for the money, you go fit to do anything? Moro now una go enta prayer Haus dey sing 'carry u dey go.'

And it's at someone's mum's burial? An older woman who was not known or said to be promiscuous that you decided to air this opinion and make a statement? I honestly don't understand. Well, I guess you have your market.

They are exchanging gender roles. No more, no less. They are feminizing men and masculinization of women. This is why they don't want men to know their roles as men in society. And yes, as a man, if your shying away from your financial duties. They are calling women golddiggers for seeking financially successful men, being a sugar boy, or gigolo. Embracing 50/50, being a gigolo n seeking women for financial help, you are a feminized man n playing right into the hands of the gay agenda and LGBTQ agenda. So better keep your nyash well lubed and ready cus gay men are coming for you. They want you to defy your duties as a man so you will turn women off, and they have your nyash all to themselves. They dislike women and see women as competition.

What does his explanation even mean?? Oga, there is a burial, birthday, wedding, naming ceremony, and even housewarming. You can take your uniqueness there, but to a grave, no way. Do you wan to drag attention to the dead body?? It is uncalled for, though I respect your style and boldness.

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Photos And Videos From Funeral Ceremony Of Don Jazzy’s Mother
Photos And Videos From Funeral Ceremony Of Don Jazzy’s Mother
Photos And Videos From Funeral Ceremony Of Don Jazzy’s Mother
Photos And Videos From Funeral Ceremony Of Don Jazzy’s Mother

It ended in praise, may her gentle soul rest in peace. Sometimes we use every event to show off our wealths without thinking if it's the right place or time. Don Jazzy's Mother's burial turned into fun and cruise avenue to most of our insensible and unarticulated celebritiesy

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