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The technique behind this punishment is to make sure you lay down near the area that they will flog last & have the best excuse of how “YOU NO FOLLOW”.
They usually get tired, from telling you to Stand aside; they will ask you to go.

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If only social media existed when I was in secondary school, Mr Alafia, Mr Oduwole, Mr Adejare and Mr Kolapo should be in prison by now… if you know the cane I chop in school ehnn, person chop cane so tey e famous 😢

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Domestic Violence: Court Remands Lagos Auto Dealer Ikechukwu Daryl Ogbonna Also Known As IVD, Over The Death Of His Wife, Bimbo.

I have 2 pertinent questions that needs to 🐝 answered urgently.
Question 1: who set the house they were living in on 🔥?
Question 2: why was he arrested if he wasn't the one that set the house they were living in on 🔥?

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the most reasonable and logical questions so far! The babe set herself ablaze then try to hold on to the guy who luckily sustain minor injury. People don’t understand that if he touched her or carried her anywhere those family will definitely twist the story that he lit her on fire! They have no case really.

u dey there when she set herself ablaze and hold the guy too. If so they won’t hold him down and grant him bail. Make una dey think@before una talk. Social media no@be court. Na wetin them tell una for here una dey believe. Let the court prove him wrong. Don’t judge with what u hear on social media. Social media is different from

you dey there... See as you put the story like say...

involuntary manslaughter is the charge against him, Google check the meaning, you will be more enlightening. 👍

involuntary manslaughter is him committing the killing without the intention, not related to domestic violence & suicide. If he didn't set the house on fire, then they have the wrong use of sentence

exactly people are mostly driven by emotions in matters like this, I just hope they give speedy judgement for the sake of the kids and closure, Bimbo family sef no too good to hold pikin

there has been a case of domestic abuse before.. The late wife's family suspected fowl play hence involving the police..

domestic abuse when done turn manslaughter case.. the girls family will loss the case.. the girl kill herself.. she died wrongfully, dem carry her body go police station, she die E wrongfully.. according to Fela

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Domestic Violence: Court Remands Lagos Auto Dealer Ikechukwu Daryl Ogbonna Also Known As IVD, Over The Death Of His Wife, Bimbo.

Your wife die horrible death them never burry ham you don dey do photo shot. Who you dey pepper ? Omo, una get mind oh. It's well..


2 months ago

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If you have conscience you would know the good and bad ....I learnt masturbation quite early on .... practiced lesbianism with some friends when I was age 10 there about...I had two kid brothers and they were 5 years old, one time I fancied touching my kid brothers dick to masturbate and I did it but after doing that I realized that was wrong and no matter how much of the foolish urge I never tried it again cos I knew it was wrong...now the lesbian part I didn't even know what I was doing cos we were just female kids playing with each other I still wonder why I never turned out to be a lesbian but I knew it was wrong and I stopped after doing it twice at that age and never tried it as a grown up ......now fast forward to me at 13 I was molested by my uncle he would ask me to use bodycream on his dick every night and he would touch and finger my vagina ..I was still a virgin he would finger me everynight he never penetrated but he did with his fingers and even when I turned 16 and had sex there was no blood cos of all his nih

He never allowed any male close to me he would offer me money for my silence,he would buy me gifts and give me money so he could continue....the fingering was painful cos I was a virgin then I hated it so eventually I ran away from home started living on the streets away from my molester but guess what all that abuse turned me into.....

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What did I just read? The father and mother should be locked up forever, and the key should be thrown away. This girl has been damaged forever.

Oh, my dear, may you find peace and healing swiftly. This is unimaginable. Sending you love and light, but more so, plenty of hugs and kisses. And may your father and mother meet their unrepentant end terribly and slowly.

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My heart is broken. Omg why. Why, why, may he never know peace. Maybe his, not ur birth father ur mum has a lot of questions to answer, so sorry, dear

This is Serious if true. I hope she is not fabricating these stories to make a way as an asylum seeker. Those prison pics have been used many times before, I think, by someone that said police seized his bike and put him in a cell in surulere orile axis. Where is he now, and what is she doing?

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We all have our stories ,I wish some of us can come out like this. May God heal every souls that have been through emotional trauma from molestation and all . We gonna heal one way or the other ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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Nawa oo. See me here being mad at my Dad for not giving me and my sibling a better living/ training us through school. I'm angry at him for bringing us into poverty and not knowing that someone out there has it worst! Aside been poor, my Dad is an Amazing human being. Someone that should be your protector, becoming your molester is the most hurtful thing in this life. Lady. I pray that the Lord Almighty Heals and comfort your soul. Amen!


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You aren’t even there to care for them… and the last video you did dropping off the kids with your sister Nancy obviously landed you in this trouble.. see how excited you daughter was seeing the dad that alone speaks heavy..

my sister just pray because if the guy truly wants to take them away he can most especially if you daughter chooses his dad over you case is closed…before California police or judges will agree with his decisions there’s a lot of evidence already of in capability on your side.. so if you think this naked dance you do on Instagram will gain you victory better go look for a qualified lawyer with thousands of dollars 💵 to pull you through… you Sis has no right to say he will snap the father of your children that video alone landed you into this mess… internet never forgets mind you

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Well said

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Fight your battles sometimes behind closed doors. Not everyone here online wishes you well. Almost everyone knows your personal business online now. These peeps don’t really care. I’m not saying it’s totally bad to coming online to vent. But my dear try limit am

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