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Imagine my father beating my mom in my presence 😂😂😂 we’ll make I shaa no imagine Wetin no fit happen but y’all that stood there and watch him beat that woman are crazy you on camera instead of stopping him

LagosLast activity 3 months ago

I keep saying it, and I will continue to say that it never ends well with yahoo guys. Even if they try to do legit business with the fraudulent money, it will still not end well with them. I pity greedy young ladies wey dey marry them all for social influences.

See, this lady don end her life now that her mama is talking rubbish in that video, a woman who fails to raise her daughter correctly. How can your daughter get pregnant at age 15? Married her off to a yahoo guy, and you think your daughter's marriage or home would be blessed forever? No mama, ko le possible ma. Mama, you allowed your daughter to die due to your and the rest of the family member's greediness. This na mother like that Olori Naomi mother. They can use their daughter, especially the fine daughters, to get anything they failed to get in life. They are a useless set of people. I hate failed parents who'd use their children to make ends meet. MAY GOD REST THE SOUL OF THE YOUNG LADY.

NigeriaLast activity 3 months ago

I don't understand why. Maybe because she's from a Yoruba family, he treats her this way. I know Igbo men don't beat their Igbo wives; moreover, the family of IVD could have a hand in this.... but this girl self lived a wayward life at 15 years of age. You are pregnant, or could it be ivd raped her, and it turned into pregnancy, and the father still went ahead to marry her off? No one should judge now because no one knows the foundation at all. if a marriage is sweet, you must take care of the foundation from the beginning.

Also, The way women misbehave these days is alarming. If you don't like what you're husband is doing, leave the marriage in peace instead of forming hulk hogan with a man. If it is not working, then leave the marriage not by force.

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And here I am, expecting to read something meaningful about life and daily businesses not knowing it is about broken heart and gym. Exercise is good but channel those energy into making more money.


10 months ago

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Let me see what the stupid women and useless simpa will say. Men, when i tell you, women love playing the victim, i know women very well. But some useless men that worship women have called for his head, they will see this post but won't comment or will still bash him, useless men. Men, stop believing these women, many of them are just bitter towards men so they accuse men of domestic violence and false rape accusations cos they know useless simps and stupid women will believe them

WomenLast activity 10 months ago

That gospel singer died because of religion.

Sometimes religion causes these cause "God hates divorce"

NigeriaLast activity 11 months ago

For as long as you continue to fixate on physical abuse, domestic violence is going nowhere soon.

Domestic violence includes:

1. Physical (typically used by men)

2. Verbal (typically used by women)

3. Financial (both genders are capable)

4. Emotional (both genders are capable)

5. Psychological (both genders are capable).

You can't reduce domestic violence by fixating on reducing physical abuse.

Emotional abuse is even worse because it is subtle, and the victim may not know that they are being abused.

If you as a woman are a chronic nag who resorts to hurtful words to hurt her husband, if he hits you, do not think he is the only one guilty of domestic violence. You both are guilty.

I have tried to sanitize society the best I could, but seems like you people just want to play a gender blame game, instead of tackling the malaise head-on.

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