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Labour minister ngige said we would soon be exporting doctors. He is right! What APC can not destroy does not exist. I am yoruba man, infact egba. How on earth will my conscience vote for Tinubu bcos I am Yoruba, someone who has done his bits but needs our sympathy and love to enjoy his old age?

Can't we see that he is becoming senile? Sycophants want to kill him because of what they will steal. The North is setting a trap, a payback for what happened to Yaradua, and tribalism is making some elite fall for it.

Tinubu, a president? He would face his health, and Fulani will be in charge, a northern 8years of more brain drain or brain dead. The heart of this fragile nation should not be broken over morsels. Posterity will ask: Eniola, saheed, Bimbo Akinola, especially the most revered joke silva, is she not the one ruling her home for now and supporting her husband in his trying times?

How come she wants someone in that state of mind to rule 200m people? She keeps the man away yet selling same to the destinies of millions. Wickedness has a black face!!!

NigeriaLast activity 2 months ago

Den never know anything. Even native doctors (elewe omo, alagbo) will soon leave. Then we will be left with witch doctors, and you know all those that appear and disappear (Abija, Alapini, Iya Oshogbo etc.). It is then we will know who still dey Nigeria. Nonsense government


3 months ago

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All of una dey craze. See u see hubris. Back Doc nonsense .dey there dey arrogate ur unbearable hubris . Dey their dey criticize the docs for having no clue about una nonsense black females beauty standards. Blacks go dey apply stupid standards to themselves. Instead of advising your fellow blacks not to use such on their bodies u, dey bash docs .na only black women fit glue wig to their skin. Una go soon blame black men as usual .

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Someone commented that Nigerian doctors should pay the nation 50m before leaving the country to other nations and the ones that studied at home must return home to help Nigeria. Na wa o. which nations? The reason why people that used student loan still stay in US to pay it is because employment is certain and the pay is worth it too.

In some other nation eduction to university level is free and nobody is holding you not to travel but why will you travel out when you can have a job that pays well. Its crazy to say that some Nigerian doctors earn 50k per month in Nigeria after spending 5 to 6 years in school and most of them are being owed by the government. You school to work so you can take care of your needs. Who will have certificate that has global demand and he'll stay jobless in Nigeria and be dying in hunger? Most of these people, their family spent so much on them and they're like only hope of the family. Nigerian government is totally not working. I don't blame anybody looking for greener pasture. The go out of the country to get treatment when their own doctors are on strike. Does it even make any sense

And you sound foolish mate . Abroad they basically beg you to go school if your a citizen of that country you are allowed school loans and lots of scholarships with assured jobs with good wages or salary structure . In Nigeria education is expensive and in the end they don’t get well paid . I don’t know where you have your data from. A sane country can’t risk letting its workforce what they do is create a system that would lure them back but you having the typical politician Nigerian mentality use of force is to make their life harder by finning them 50m for the search of a better life .. How are you different from this dirty politicians.

But you forgot that in 2018, Nigeria's Health Minister Prof Isaas Adewale said doctors should go into farming because there was shortage in residency positions. If the government has failed to do it's part and even talked down on their complains, they are free to leave without any fine. Let our leaders pick up admission forms from the same sponsored tertiary institutions and train to be doctors. They earn too much to be liabilities.


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Jehovah's Witness Wife Rejected Blood Transfusion For Her Husband & He Died

If I were her, I wouldn't have made such a life altering decision without informing or involving hubby's family of parents and siblings.

Nigerian in-laws wey dey always find small something to hold on to and make a wife's life miserable. Na im this woman go buy correct market, plus the noose and millstone they will use to first hang her, then drown her in the sea. Chai!

On the other hand if the late hubby was a JW too and held strongly to the same beliefs about receiving blood and you all know it, then no one should be finding fault with her or accusing her of causing hubby's death.

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