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Wow so he has a condition?? U mean he is sick ??? Look y’all have so much evil in mind that u will hv to play such emotional games on innocent Nigerians who needs special care ??? Oga u here acting smart but ur greedy and selfish desires to grab and loot won’t let y’all reason like humans !!!

The moment he came out to wanna be a president , he becomes a national issue and should provide every dot of his medical record ! Nigeria has bcom so much of banana republic for una hence we act with no constitution!! Dino is a clown and will get his rewards but y’all should stop getting emotional when ppl talk about una candidate cos if u wanna be the president of Nigeria , every Nigerian have the right to ask, know and have access to all his information starting with medical conditions!!

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My shurrup your mouth, you guys did worse in 2014, PDP are not even giving you the way you did to Goodluck Jonathan, werey 🤡🤡🤡

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Fanciful tales by foolish over sabi scientists. Sex with your spouse can never kill you because she always cares for your body, checking you well. If she sees you are not fit physically, she will deny you sex in a caring way. But you see side chicks who don't want to know if you are dying, you must do and pay them money, and if you die in the process, they will run away. They won't even attend your burial. Stay faithful, and you won't die while making love.

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“ you might be going when you think you’re cumming”

Orgasms Can Trigger A Cardiac Arrest Or Stroke. Check Your BP Before You Cum - Medical Doctor Advises Men.


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Labour minister ngige said we would soon be exporting doctors. He is right! What APC can not destroy does not exist. I am yoruba man, infact egba. How on earth will my conscience vote for Tinubu bcos I am Yoruba, someone who has done his bits but needs our sympathy and love to enjoy his old age?

Can't we see that he is becoming senile? Sycophants want to kill him because of what they will steal. The North is setting a trap, a payback for what happened to Yaradua, and tribalism is making some elite fall for it.

Tinubu, a president? He would face his health, and Fulani will be in charge, a northern 8years of more brain drain or brain dead. The heart of this fragile nation should not be broken over morsels. Posterity will ask: Eniola, saheed, Bimbo Akinola, especially the most revered joke silva, is she not the one ruling her home for now and supporting her husband in his trying times?

How come she wants someone in that state of mind to rule 200m people? She keeps the man away yet selling same to the destinies of millions. Wickedness has a black face!!!

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Den never know anything. Even native doctors (elewe omo, alagbo) will soon leave. Then we will be left with witch doctors, and you know all those that appear and disappear (Abija, Alapini, Iya Oshogbo etc.). It is then we will know who still dey Nigeria. Nonsense government


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All of una dey craze. See u see hubris. Back Doc nonsense .dey there dey arrogate ur unbearable hubris . Dey their dey criticize the docs for having no clue about una nonsense black females beauty standards. Blacks go dey apply stupid standards to themselves. Instead of advising your fellow blacks not to use such on their bodies u, dey bash docs .na only black women fit glue wig to their skin. Una go soon blame black men as usual .


5 months ago

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Your problem is masturbation. Quit masturbation before you damage your sexual life. Your brain has become too accustomed to the touch of your hands with soap, cream, or whatever you enjoy using.

So, It is a psychological problem. It would help if you practiced what is called semen retention. It means 3weeks of no ejaculation. Make sure to exercise at least three times a week and add a press to it. Exercise helps the body and energy build on the stored Semen. The critical point here is -- Semen is your unused energy that needs to be released during sex or sexual activities. But the goal is to store it and release it through other activities.

You also need to relax when you next want to have sex, stop imagining things and getting too excited about it, and let mother nature control Mr. Virgin.

Also, the first dysfunction causes a lot of anxiety, and whenever you see Woman's body, you will be afraid not to repeat another show of shame.

You need to stop excessive masturbation and read about sexual anxiety someone advised earlier. With this, you will better understand your problem and how to overcome your fears.

I wish you well, bro.

STOP MASTURBATION. Even if it requires going short time with Oloshos, I don't need to tell you to use a condom.


5 months ago

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Let me share my experience for others who may also fall victim to these fertility scams. I am also trying to conceive for five years now. Those in our situations know the hell we go through trying to deal with this. 

An old friend of mine who must have been trying for over ten years called me to say she has finally given birth to a baby girl. I was overjoyed, having the same problem, and asked her to please tell me what she did. She told me that she went to this fertility center that helped and that they would make it happen if I wanted twins. 

If I wish for boys or girls, all is possible but comes with different charges. Boys are more expensive. She also told me no scan could detect the pregnancy. She loved it because it was to blind the eyes of the wicked from her joy. I was curious and wanted to know how to contact them, and the first shock came. If she gave me their number and when I called, they won't pick up unless she told them beforehand. She will provide them with the number of the expected caller before they pick up. 

Right then, my husband suspected a foul play here. I eventually called the number and spoke with madam Titi. She told me the different prices and warned me not to go to the hospital because no other hospital could help except that it was a rear ectopic pregnancy. I asked if I wanted to go abroad for delivery where they have the best facilities, and she said no, that it was their secret that no one else had discovered. So even the best world facility won't help. To me, that was another shocker. 

After that, I did a lot of research on the internet with my husband. And that was when I knew the scam, as narrated above. Did I confront my friend about my findings? NEVER! As I said, you will never understand what women with TTC are going through. The authorities should step in, creating more awareness to expose this most wicked scam.

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Wonders shall never end. Please do not forget God. Be patient for He is Gold. God cannot give you a burden you cannot handle. God is the perfect of all perfections.

I comfort myself by saying not everyone can do what everyone else do. If I cannot find happiness in having kids, I can definitely find happiness in other things. Sometimes our problems are within us. We look for solutions where there are none. Look deeper and find what makes you happy and focus on it.

Even though King Solomon was trying to find happiness in marrying multiple women, later he realized that he was adding more vanity to the many vanities he already possessed.


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My Kid Sister Started Developing Some Kind Of Scales Under Her Feet. We Thought It Was Nothing Serious But Now It Got Worse And Painful For Her Too. She Cries Every Night. Do You Know What This Is And How To Help?

Register her quickly for Healing Streams live healing services with Pastor Chris.

My Kid Sister Started Developing Some Kind Of Scales Under Her Feet. We Thought It Was Nothing Serious But Now It Got Worse And Painful For Her Too. She Cries Every Night. Do You Know What This Is And How To Help?

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Jehovah's Witness Wife Rejected Blood Transfusion For Her Husband & He Died

If I were her, I wouldn't have made such a life altering decision without informing or involving hubby's family of parents and siblings.

Nigerian in-laws wey dey always find small something to hold on to and make a wife's life miserable. Na im this woman go buy correct market, plus the noose and millstone they will use to first hang her, then drown her in the sea. Chai!

On the other hand if the late hubby was a JW too and held strongly to the same beliefs about receiving blood and you all know it, then no one should be finding fault with her or accusing her of causing hubby's death.

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