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You are not alone, i was a supervisor and i am yet to be paid while all my colleages have been paid.

They are paying gradually, from my observation, they usually pay once in a week, they paid some examiner/supervisor last week tuesday, some were paid on monday this week ,so let hope for next week and see.

I also check my claim form and all my bank details are correct.

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I think the basic rule of lending money to your friend or gambling at a casino is to only give or use an amount of money you can afford to lose. So you can as well sing bye bye to that money.

There's no rule as to how to recover your money from debtors, any which way you may choose is allowed and if they decide to be an enemy afterwards you move and never look back

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Some people treat loans as grants, cheesy . I don’t lend what I can’t afford to lose, and You only get one chance! If you don’t pay back, that’s it, no more borrowing! I also avoid lending money to someone who lives above their means, those ones hardly pay back, they’re not responsible enough to understand the value of the money to you, because it’s valueless to them

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