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What's wrong with you all? Must you always bring up this topic of relocating abroad all the time? 

For you to be thinking of relocating abroad means you have a high-paying job here in Nigeria, so why not just settle down and INVEST in different businesses? But no, you want to go and be an enslaved person in another man's country! If not for our bad leaders, this country would be one of the best in the world. Forget, no, be whining!

If she's interested in relocating abroad, she should be ready to foot ALL THE BILLS na. Does she think it's easy?  

Well, all I have to tell you is that: DO NOT FORGET THE POWER WOMEN HAVE OVER THERE IN THOSE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES! So you wouldn't return to this Forum after a few years to wail to us how your wife threw you out of the house. 


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You are the man and would be the head of your future family. Do what your mind tells you to. Your fiancée has her reasons. Probably she's experiencing Japa syndrome and wants to travel out because other people are doing so. In all, don't do and rush things that appear inconsequential to you.

Marriage Neva start una don dey seek to advise

Bro, futuristic issues like relocation, finances, career path, number of kids, etc. are problems you and your partner will sit, discuss and strike a balance on.

What will work for A may not work for B. on this relocation issue, everyone will tell you to be a man and do what your mind says. But again, you may not be entirely correct, just as your fiancé may not be completely wrong.

Marriage is a Union. Just come together and decide. Some say why they should not relocate. If they are in your shoes, they might relocate. So you and the lady should determine what you want or go your separate ways because if things go wrong when you relocate, you will blame her, and if things go wrong when you choose to remain in Nigeria, she will blame you. 

BLISSFUL MARRIAGE IS NOT ACHIEVED BY BEING AUTOCRATIC. Always have a healthy conversation and hear each other's reason for any intended action


7 hours ago

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Why is the world becoming this cold? Why are humans, both males, and females becoming this ruthless? How can a woman who loves you suggest that she can be comfortable having a distant marriage ( Canada and Nigeria) with you while you are dating? I understand that people can exploit people sometimes, but we should all have limits abeg. She wants to relocate permanently, later further her education, graduate, and then ditch your sorry a$$ with laws favoring only women.

She’s so selfish and self-centered. She wan use you to actualize her abroad dreams. Simping doesn’t end well.


7 hours ago

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For your fiancee to be comfortable with the idea of leaving here means she only cares about herself, you sound like a weakling, IMO. Tell her straight up you are not interested in going. If she is, then the whole thing should be called off if you grant her, her wish is a lose-lose situation for you, you go dey here for Naija, she go dey there they give you children wey no be your own, if you like listen if like go ahead, no say I no tell you.

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Don't allow yourself to be pushed into relocating to Canada.

If things are working out for you here and you strongly believe your destiny is here, then remain in Nigeria!


2 days ago

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Notoriously speaking,

All of you ladies are lionesses waiting to prey on their victims. Generally, as a woman, you have no business with what is in a man's bank account, even if you know what he does for a living. Don't ask that question. It's a turn-off for me, the same way women don't like being asked about their age. Any woman I come across that demands to know my net worth, I consider you a golddigger with nothing to offer.

Only stupid and SIMple men would reveal their net worth to a woman. Even if na the same gender, you have no business with how much is in my account.

For married couples, you are entitled to know each other's bank income only when it has to do with the family's welfare. Still, personal accounts are prohibited. That's why I suggest that married couples should always have a family account that takes care of the family's welfare, including everything you can ever think of. In addition, it is recommended that men have a secret cash account that only he knows about. Quietly add a next of kin to it to avoid a story that touches.

As a woman, you might know how much your husband earns as his salary if he tells you. It's understandable but do not be a monitory spirit that wants to understand how money leaves and comes in. Don't get me wrong, as long as he's taking care of the family's basic needs and wants, I see no need for entitlement, monitory spirit behavior, and silly questions.

Know this and know Peace.

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This oga is even more confus than the men sleeping around 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😂😂😂😂😂 if you’re passing through a lot, 5 😂, if you’re about to enter a lot, 3 is okay 😂, after when you don pass through a lot finish say u know say yes! U don reach last gate of A LOT , 6 isn’t a bad idea 🤷‍♂️ 😹😂😂😂😂🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

This is just like a girl sleeping with different men saying she is not a prostitute because she is not standing on the road at night. Is well!!!


2 days ago

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Since you asked an anonymous question, I will answer anonymously. You really can't trust women when it comes to knowing your salary. My sisters and mom ask me this question, and I'm never comfortable with it. Why would you like to know?! My dad would only ask, "hope the pay is okay," but women?! They'll want to know how much, so they can help you calculate how much you'll give them.

By the way, I believe spouses should know how much they earn. I'll never marry anyone I'm not going to feel comfortable telling how much I make.

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What goes around comes around... when a girl feels she needs more than she is getting momentarily, she moves to another guy. When the guy then feels hurt,betrayed and broken, next time he plays safe by getting multiple girls. And the circle continues... cheat and let cheats will not make the kind of family and society that's best for us all in the long run.

How disrespectful men had seen ladies like sardine's they can open eat and throw the can away then have another and eat and still throw away.......as for me I refuse to be taken for granted and tagged as an exchange rate

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Everyone is manipulative and wants to know how you go about spending a dime and what you spend it on as if they were there during the hustle and bustle.

Imagine you earning ₦150k, and you have been faithful to her. Trust me; she will give you a billing of ₦120k and still claim she's helping you manage. Even taking care of yourself and your siblings will be hard.

And these sets of creatures will have ₦2 million sitting in their account doing nothing and yet still spend your salary with you to the last penny claiming they're broke. But if God helps you with a good one, she just unexpectedly surprises you by lifting some of your burdens off your shoulder, it might be kids' school fees or rent, but only 10% of them can do that...

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