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Excellent news. I knew these stupid policies of disfellowshipping, shunning, and covering child/sexual molesters because they do not have three witnesses to present would hit an end someday. I don't know how child molesters can call a witness before committing the crime. You break families' bonds, separate them from loved ones, and make them outcasts which results in depression and expect sanity. For crying out loud, these children are groomed from childhood not to have friends outside of the organization, and when they question these outrageous rules, they are automatically cut off with no support.

They have just started, and soon they will be bombing the halls. Punch of hypocrites and heartless beings and I say this is good news, not that what happened is good, but attention will be called to the psychological effects of the inhumane policies of the JW. Pretending to be peaceful to the world, so they get more people, and their activities are not questioned, but wicked to their members. Parents are trained to be heartless. Divide and conquer is the order of the day. I am glad they are beginning to see or realize the aftermath of their actions.

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Don't say what you don't know. I have witnessed this in my family and as friends. My lineage is a witness from the go, but our fathers deviated to orthodox along the line, making me a conventional. Yes, witnesses are standoffish, as you suggest, but that is not to say that they are like that for selfish reasons; they do that to secure their faith from undue interference. The witness, as I know, is the only Christian and orthodox people. They show love, share, and assist in times of need which are the primary traits of Christianity. But in people's eyes, Pentecostals are the real deal; they are not. Pentecostals in Nigeria are by far the most hypocritical, wicked, arrogant, and pretentious in all manner of their ways. They are the ones making Christianity something else. These people are not loving, always self-serving in all they do.

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I pray for my Brothers and sisters in Hamburg, Germany; Jehovah is our strength and protector. The wicked can only kill the body. The prospect of living forever cannot be killed. We love you all our prayers are with you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Most Wanted Nigerian Mafia Female Leader Who Ran Prostitution Circle Extradited To Italy (video)

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If someone is selling, it's because there are buyers of it! Why are Italians so obsessed with pedophilia and prostitution? Arabs too

When you attack the supplier and make it impossible to supply, then demand will diminish.

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Afonja. Na, their work for America is that. They are a very fraudulent-minded set of humans.

Asiwaju aprentence at work. Even his name olaniyi don, explain everything .seem them oladapo graduates.

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Keep spoiling nigeria's name everywhere you go.

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This solution needs to be revised. I m sorry. The sentence does not eradicate crime. People steal because they are hungry, and the government cannot provide them with the basics to survive. So you want to eliminate all the poor people that steal?

Raising living standards eliminates corruption. If a person lives below the poverty, death/punishment won't stop them as they have nothing to lose. Give people something to lose, and they'll be law-abiding citizens?

Why do you think European countries have less corruption without death sentences?

To tackle the corruption point, Translucency. Make government spending, payouts, EVERYTHING that has to do with administration officials and money public record. You can't execute fraud if everyone is watching.

If a politician commits forgery in broad daylight and you still vote them into office, that is your fault. So vote Peter Obi, and lets move forward.

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NIGGA IS GOT TALENT. WELL DRESSED. Person go dey think say na one of those rich Aboki 🙄🤣🤣😂😅🤦‍♂️

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😢😢😢😢😢😢after he will go sell that one and spend for the family.. and the children go they shout daddy oyoyo😢😢😢 haaa

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What the hell??? Was it an accidental discharge or what? These policemen are so careless with their weapons. The police needs to tell the public how exactly this happened. And it is a shame that the first hospital they took her to said they couldn't handle it. What the hell are they doing in the hospital business?

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There's nothing like accidental discharge ... It's take quite a number of steps to fire a projectile.
U mean, the officer doesn't know his selector is open and theres bullet in the chamber? Or he didn't know but aimed and pulled the trigger? Pls let's be guided in what we say cos this victim could be any of us or our siblings (God forbid)


2 months ago

A negligent discharge (ND) is a discharge of a firearm involving culpable carelessness. In judicial and military technical terms, a negligent discharge is a chargeable offence. A number of armed forces automatically consider any accidental discharge to be negligent discharge, under the assumption that a trained soldier has control of his firearm at all times. This is the case in the United States Army,[5] Canadian Army, the Royal Air Force, the British Army and various Police Forces within the United Kingdom.
From an article on a U.S. Air Force website:

A negligent discharge occurs when a weapon is fired due to either operator error or a lack of attention to basic safety rules.

If it was an unintentional discharge, he is still culpable because he should be trained to use his weapon without endangering the lives of innocent people. He needs to pay the price for killing this woman. The police need to explain to us how this happened

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Ekweremadu will surely get his properties back.

The EFCC is a bloody thief thief organization.

When Ekweremadu was in Naija, they didn't seize the said properties.

People who were unjustly treated under this Buhari govt will surely get justice later.

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