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People write rubbish every day on the internet 🀦, Madam no only you dey do all these, so many women do all these and more but their husbands cheat on them on a daily. Womanizing no get mathematics, so many men believe it is in their nature and it is their right so they engage it(nonsense excusesoo). Housechores and Bedmatics don't have anything on these sons of Adam, solution IS: get yourself a right-thinking man

Kpele, married woman abeg rest! Some men will choose a woman with good bed skills than the chef and vice versa, some married women have never washed clothes by hand cos they use dry cleaners or washing machines, social media has turn everyone to an adviser cos of cheap data and unrestricted access to the keyboard ! Do what works for you and continue that way!

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Dear Wife Material, Some Men Have Discovered That We Hide Our Bad Characters With Tricks Like Cooking And Doing Laundry - Nigerian Lady Advises 'wife Material' To Re-strategize

Submission is a gift a wife gives her husband and not a right- BBNaija's Gifty says

Dear Wife Material, Some Men Have Discovered That We Hide Our Bad Characters With Tricks Like Cooking And Doing Laundry - Nigerian Lady Advises 'wife Material' To Re-strategize

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3 months ago

I just hope all of you gearing her that she's right also will admit to yourself that provision and love is earned and a gift a man gives to his wife too not a right she expects or enfores....since we all want to be mad on this space.

Submission is a conscious arrangement that comes from protection. Give your woman protection and love, she'll easily submit to you, submission is earned, not enforced. 😏😏😏😏😏😏

Buh then again, if she’s not ready to be submissive to her husband Why Marry? Cos the Bible says nd I Quote *woman be submissive to your Husband* Stop misleading people bcos you have a Voice abeg πŸ™„


3 months ago

there's no formular to these things...No gender is all having it alright...That narrative she's pushing is wrong and will get into so many low heads ..A woman/wife can be more opportuned than a man hence with understanding she could take up more responsibilities depending on them both and how they want to live...submission is both ways..They should stop making it transactional.... All these he has to do this for me to be submissive is absolute rubbish

The woman of today actually provides for herself (a good number) The problem is having to provide for her man and herself in the guise of being homely or responsible. With willful provision and protection (assurance) comes that submission you guys desperately crave for. It is not rocket science. I'm not denying the fact that some women are wrecking balls πŸ˜‚@botyser

Another thing with most of these people you take home advise from is how many are showing successful receipts???..You don't preach what you don't practice successfully....Poor man no dey tell person or sell book way the title na 10 ways to become rich and successful...Be successful at it before you model it to others...That's my point

Lot of marriages ended the first year of their marriage.. What is still keeping them together is what society will say if they get a divorce and their kids. When you marry someone that truly loves you and you love them equally, you will realise there is more to marriage than just having kids..

Once a man start telling you how all he want is a submissive woman or how he wants peace of mind.

Please run, even if your slippers falls off leave it and run.

If it was a phone conversation necer you talk to him again.

Just like a lady constantly telling you she wants a man that can tolerate her.

What is it that you are doing so bad that you want peace of mind and you don’t want anyone to complain?

What bad attitude do you have that you want a man who will tolerate you till infinity?

My dear run, don’t look back just be running.

Marriage is God's gift to mankind and the best thing that could happen to anyone is to have a divinely-ordained spouse! RIGHTEOUSNESS EXALTS and could very much help in making God Himself choose for you! May every single person here end up with a spouse that'll give them the best days of their lives in Jesus mighty name!!!

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women will always give advice on what they want and therefore enforce your masculinity, I am sure you know that 90% women are not attracted to nice guys.

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7 months ago

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Tea cakes.

So easy to make.

Nice one dear. οΏ½

Your consistency in creating contents is admirable.

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9 months ago

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How Did You Survive Living Alone Without Cooking In Nigeria?

All my kitchen utensils, gas cooker and stuffs were wasting away and filled up with cobwebs for about a year as for me because I relocated from Ekiti State to a Village in Cross-River State where The People have been Feeding me as an Agricultural Entertainment Tourist.

Everybody feeds me here because they love my attitude and they understand my relevance. It's all God's Grace though.

I recently had to give away my gas cooker to one of the villager who uses firewood to fry his snacks (bonz). This happened about a month ago. And since then; his mum feeds me almost every morning and evening.

It's still on God.

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For nutrition and health purposes, it's a good idea for adults (both men and women) to know how to cook their own meals. It's especially important for women if they want to have kids and wouldn't want to entrust the duty into the hands of others. If not for her own and spouse's sake, for the sake of her future kids, a woman should know how to cook.

Is It Compulsory For A Lady To Know How To Cook Before Marriage?

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You can buy food stuff for the week eating 3kg per meal. It will not be enough but you will not die.

Rice ₦300, yam ₦200, , fufu 7balls( 1 ball every evening)₦350

Soup: Egusi with ugwu

Egusi: 1 cup (₦300)

Crayfish: ₦200

Ortor( thicker): ₦50

Stock fish: ₦200

Pomo(Cow Skin): ₦200

Meat(Cow meat):₦700

Cowley: ₦350

Plenty water:??

Palm oil: ₦150.

Total:₦2150( for soup)


Tomatoes, onion and pepper: ₦400

Vegetable oil: ₦300

Fish: ₦200

Sachet curry and thyme: ₦50

Bullion cubes: ₦50


Total ₦2150 + ₦1000 + ₦850

Use the rest to buy plenty water. Water is good for life yet it is not free

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