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Nigeria need to grow up and stop this idea of parading criminals for press to do a job that is outside of their scope of knowledge. # Press person doing the job of interrogator we no just get sense for naija. Interrogate them take questions from the press and give the press a feed back of your interrogation or scope of the operation instead of allowing untrained people to be interrogating criminals. lol After arresting them, parading for the public to see, they will collect the amount with them and STILL let them go. Nigerian police force are SPONSORS of these Animals in human skin. You don't spare them, GET RID OF THEM to go join their ancestor . PERIOD!

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This whole nonsense could be stopped with the introduction of a well equipped state, local and local vigilante. This should not be going on in any country with the power of the State to protect its Citizens. The penalty for kidnapping should be a life imprisonment with hard labor and no parole. If there is any death involved in the kidnapping the penalty should be death Penalty simply. The reasons for this nonsense is that there is no punishment for they offenses. This is a joke.

Wait can’t they interrogate these guys properly? Why coming to public to do this causing confusion. Separate these criminals and do proper work like an intelligent ppl. Wow different ppl asking questions… so unprofessional wow

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Let's pray Oga na single man so another woman won't get hurt and let's truly hope he will go and see ur people by year-end. Still men poverty alleviation plan. This is what happens in real life. Many women "breakthrough" is tied to people they have romantic relationship with.

Isn't it what's glorified in movies "poor girl - rich man".. like the popular Cinderella.

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People are going thru a lot. Because you can even afford something for yourself, be grateful for that life ..Only God knows how this woman survives on a norm. It’s just shocking to see. 😢

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