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That is direct access to God. To die in baptism must be spiritual. God had accept him.

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Hmm to this comment. So God is inside the water?

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Overtime, I have said it that, Christianity is not for us (Africans)
We had better returned to our tradition and get things working again!
Our traditions have been condemned and demonized by the whites, we have been made enemies to our tradition all in the name of Christianity. I believe in God almighty because he created everything there is on Earth.

They made us believe in their tradition, they destroyed, condemned and abused our gods and told us they were evil, but yet, stole our heritage and our gods which they demonized before us!
They told us that Christianity is against killing, same sex marriage and all sorts of inhuman things, and still yet, they practice those things which the Christian religion stands against!

I could remember the good old days of tradition and culture, when during festivities (Christmas, new years and others), people would in joy and sincere love, cook foods and exchange with their various friends, neighbors, strangers, without fear of being poisoned or bewitched. But since the widespread of the gospel of Christianity and the demonization of our tradition, those kind gestures and love have since stopped because there’s no trust and sincere love anymore. The churches have made us believe that our enemies are right under our nose. Pastors fighting against pastors, members fighting against members, all right inside the house of God!

Our political leaders today are misbehaving because they were sworn into their different positions with the Bible or/and the Quran, they don’t believe in those things that were used in swearing them into office. I tell you today, Nigeria and other African countries would become a better place, if they start swearing our leaders into offices using the traditional methods!

Once again, Christianity is not for Africa!!! Wake up my beloved Africans!

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Na offering money cause fight 😂 shebi aburo yin ni, 😂 na their late papa get the church but the man wan they chop the money alone 😢na why the woman wan disgrace ham

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This boy is a natural comedian, hahaha. Pastor eneche over to you.. Another drama to distract our attention this week.. Nigeria's problem is more significant than Nigerians. Problem no they finish for Nigeria unless you don't have data to come online

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Will you also go round and collect all the ones you gave to beggars, hospitals and so on? Senseless People everywhere. Did you provide it to God Or man???..... If life is to be recharged like we do, recharge our Phones and Prepaid NEPA meters.... Who among us could be alive today??? God gave you a life free of charge, good health, and Breath, every Organ in your body is working perfectly, and you have the mouth to be talking rubbish.... My brother go and sit down.

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You are a complete fool. The guy has probably seen something, he's hungry, broke, and trying to survive, and he sees the Pastor driving expensive cars and living in a mansion. He's a family enjoying wealth. What would he do? Why do you collect tithes and use them for your endeavors? There's a pastor in my estate, and he uses like 4-5 convoys. Gwagon, Bentley, two Toyota Hilux. Just imagine a congregant who can't even survive to eat, yet he's been told to pay tithes for what he hardly has and sees every week a pastor living as that without been know to have any other career

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God is Spirit , God is you ! Having a human experience, the Bible description of God isn’t the real God, according to the book of numbers, the Bible God killed children, The Bible God is a God of war & vengeance, that’s too petty, God is pure Love & light, The universal principle of Gender “everything exists as male & female “ some male animals give birth, the Sun is male, moon - female & everything on the physical plane manifests under this principle, even humans exhibit both male & female traits (straight people too) we are all spirits having human experience. The universe is all Mental, free your mind ! & think deeply on “WHO ARE YOU?” Beneath your human body, who ARE YOU?!!! Once you find yourself you’d find God

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Christians see God as a Man, now Oyibo wan change the narrative to suit their T.ra.ns agender, very soon na Afrikkans go begin see G.o.d as a She/Make. Na anything Oyibo talk we dey do. Ozuor. 😂


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I don't know how you see this trans of a thing, but it's a genetic disorder and not the person's fault.

Initially, I followed this thought until I entered medical school, and my eyes were slightly opened. Those genetic disorders can be corrected, though. Still, it becomes complicated when accompanied by physical factors like having a rudimentary breast and vagina together, having both penis and vagina simultaneously, or something like zero sexual attraction to the opposite sex. These are established medical conditions not necessarily due to lifestyle, like Bob risky, James Brown, and Co.

Just understand that you are what you are because of your genetic makeup, but you do what you do because of your hormonal makeup.

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Nigerian Christians are like Nigerian politicians that are creating evil laws/policies every year while implemented by zombie administrators & others who enslaved people with uniforms & guns.


After all, they are a lot of transgender in Nigeria ministries.

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Methodist Church Ordains Nkechi Nwosu As First Female Bishop In Nigeria
Methodist Church Ordains Nkechi Nwosu As First Female Bishop In Nigeria
Methodist Church Ordains Nkechi Nwosu As First Female Bishop In Nigeria
Methodist Church Ordains Nkechi Nwosu As First Female Bishop In Nigeria

This is good, but why is she the first in this age and time? Is it that more women aren't desiring to be bishops

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Well, this ordinarily is unheard of. It is ostensibly unbiblical.

Though Western propagandists are gradually convincing even the most Conservative of us to go against the moral foundation of the Church, I remain amongst the very few that will see this as an inversion of the standard.

Having a woman as an ordained bishop is an absurdity and travesty in Christianity.

These things only happen in the church of men, not of Christ!.

A woman cannot climb the altar to preach, let alone be ordained a bishop.

A bishop without the anointing is a BOOKSHOP.

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