"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you." - Deuteronomy 31:6

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This sight blesses my home. Blessed are those who did not see and believe. Talk more about this one. I'm viewing an apparition at the foot of the cross. If you are Catholic, you will see it! It is clear a message is coming to Kenya by mother soon

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Catholics can be so dumb. They even kneel to a statue and pray to the thing.


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Sorry, but I won't lower my expectations for a man of God, because the Bible has given us a standard they ought to follow. The Bible is the standard, so if you know you can't follow the biblical standard of living as a man of God, then don't take up the mantle. The Bible says, FLEE FROM ALL APPEARANCES OF EVIL. "FLEE" don't put yourself in a position where you'd be tempted and then say because you're a man with weakness.

Yes, we understand that you're a man and you have weaknesses, but don't intentionally & continuously indulge in things that don't edify God & give the excuse of "I'm first a man before being a man of God" Was Moses not a man? Was Joseph that fled from Portipher's wife not a man? were the 12 disciples not men? are there no real men of God today who are living according to the biblical standard? Please!!!! let's not use being a man as an excuse to condone evil. Their lives as men or women of God is a mirror to those around them. So we can't lower our standards sis. T for thanks.

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exactly. Don’t mind yeyebrities with their warp mentality
God cannot Lower his standards to satisfy human
One thing is making a mistake as a human another thing is realizing you made a mistake and making effort not to repeat same mistake not when you are deep rooted in sin and keep using “am a human “ as an excuse to keep growing fat in sin and you claim to be a man of god ,what then is the difference between you and the carnal man

The Bible said that there is a distinction between one that knows and serves God and one that doesn’t so if there is no difference in you that means you are fake


12 days ago

dear, don't mind them with their silly excuses to condone nonsense. Acts19:15, "One day the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?” That's the distinction we're talking about.😂 Matt 7:15-20 talks about false prophets and how you can spot them by their fruits. By their fruits you shall know a true man of God and the fake ones who will claim "I'm first a man before I became a man of God" excuse to dwell in perpetual sin.😂😂😂

Exactly my thought.
The position of leadership requires responsibilities. Don’t take it if can’t live up to it! Simple

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She is simply saying they are not better than you👏👏👏. Anyone can pray to God. You don't have to label one person as a man of God to talk to God for you. You call a sin they too can do, we are the same.

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What does religion do to Africans, eh? It will take God's grace to change our mindset...

This same GOAT is an acronym used by white people to appreciate those doing well in their fields..

These same white people are the ones who first printed the bible.

The same white people brought this Christianity to Africa.

Now we don sabi the religion pass people wey teach us

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Baba, get out. You don't know anything about development and advancement. The White people had the religion and still progressed, and the Asians, middle Easterns too. Religion is not your problem. What have you achieved?

Do you know what the White Man called the period in his history when religion ruled? The DARK AGES. That is how well religion does when given the right to rule.

All you have to do is look at Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to see how well society thrives when you decide to forgo your senses.

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Chat Between Nigerian Pastor Ab Isong And His Wife, Emen Isong, On Facebook. No Maturity For Christianity Again, So Pastors Now Share Things Like This On Social Media?

Why is everybody condemning the Man of God? After all, he is telling the truth. And he is talking to his lovely wife, for God's sake. Both of them have to enjoy themselves very well. So what is wrong with telling his wife not to wear a night gown??. Pastor, kudos to you. Don't mind them all. The Bible says God Almighty made sex to be enjoyed by married couples.

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Christianity is a business. Jesus is the product. Members are the customers. Pastors are the beneficiaries.

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All of u na hin be Mumu for trying to prove rubbish to each other 😂😂😂 nobody fit understand life. You people should believe whatever you want to believe simple . Many research are also false. No be people they prove to you for research? Shey dem go heaven come back know say na like dis hin Dey happen? Non believers go say Jesus no exits and believers thinks he is existing so all of una make una get out 😂😂😂 na until we all dye we go know Wetin Dey Sup for spiritual world

I'm just sorry for those who will read your comments now and applaud you cos they too lack the wisdom and understanding to know the truth. “Christianity”? Jesus? Do not be behind your phone keypad & type something that you will regret someday. Plus the followers, you are currently leading to hell 😢. Piece 👌


22 days ago

you lack know…ledge and you are igno..rant. Jesus is a fake name and God is not a Christian to begin with. Don’t make nonchalant accusations. You are the one who will regret to find out the truth about your so called Christianity as a religion, you are igno**rant to know that the name Jesus is 400yrs old and it is not the real name God gave his son, that is why you think you can come under my comment and use threats as a means to put fear that I don’t have or see in me, which is laughable. Your Christianity religion is a religion of fear and I don’t belong to such, because God did not create me to be afraid of a lies.

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I remember seeing a topic on Twitter of a boy who complains of him having financial depression. He said he had no food, money, light, or television to comfort him.

I was shocked when I saw someone here asking him, have you given your life to Christ?

Some even commented, have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior?

I was like, and wtf is wrong with these funny people? A person is depressed, and you ask him to accept Jesus in hunger?

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Would you instead go to a mosque or shrine if you can't attend church? Would you rather be a Muslim, atheist, or traditionalist if you can't be a Christian?

There was a point where you gave excuses if not going to church cos of pastors. Later you said you v removed yourself from Christendom. You see, there are counterfeit products in every original. You might have gone to churches that aren't doing some things right. But not all Churches or, let me say, not all pastors. That bible verse about not forsaking thy brethren Hebrews 10:25, said so after considering Isaiah 57:15.

There's a difference between fellowship together and God that dwells in anyone holy. Even evil sects have communion and fellowship together to strengthen each other, not to talk about harmony and fellowship in the name of God. When you attend church, you'll hear messages being interpreted in diverse ways and more level of understanding. You pray/intercede for one another, and you make friends, etc. You can say friends can come from anywhere. But if you v friends from the house of God, it's cool too.

So, the lady inviting you to church did well. She may not be able to convince you immediately, and it's not by force.

But verily I say onto you. There's a part that leads to eternal life. That's the way of God. Jesus is the truth, the way, and life. Attending church services makes you hear the word of God from ordained servants. You can say you'll listen to it on the radio or TV, but if you can be physically present somewhere, do it. And evangelizing will make you fulfill one of the commandments of God to those that have received the gospel of Jesus.

Nigerian factors can bastardize things. You can see that Nigeria's sports, education, science, commerce, etc., are abused. The same way Nigeria affected the church. If you ask Muslims, Traditionalists, and even Atheists, their complaints won't be far from the Nigerian factor. But remove yourself from the Nigerian factor and serve your creator. Shalom.


23 days ago

I understand your point, I understand her too, I understand that of the writer, and I am tired of Nigeria and the Nigerian people. I hate everything about Nigeria. The Evil in this land is too much for me to bare.

To me, you keep listening to the suggestion of the devil. Jesus did not promise that you would see perfect pastors in the church. Don't hide under the canopy of good pastors, or they are doing business to ensure the assembly of God's children. Jesus has warned his children that in the end, many fake prophets will arise and deceive many. When Jesus said, many fake prophets will appear, where do you think you will find these counterfeit prophets? Is it not in the church? It means at the end of time, almost every member you see in the church would be fake (because he said they would be many).

However, Jesus, who told you these things would happen, did not tell you to forsake the assembly of God's children when you see all these bad things happening in the church. It is the devil that is suggesting to you that you are wise on your own. Jesus prophesied that in the end time, sins should multiply. If sins multiply, they may get to every segment of life involving pastors, church members, and the entire world, but when you see all these things, Jesus didn't tell you to leave or run away from the church.

Running away from church is never a solution, and it is the devil's deceit to make you cold so you can fall for his deceit of the devil by being one to hell. Jesus himself said in the last days, and many will become wax cold, it is the ploy of the devil to listen to suggestions not to go to church. You are not serving the pastor but Jesus, go to church and see what you can contribute positively to grow the church of Christ as you boost your spiritual temperature and fellowship with other brethren. Satan is going all around to give people reason why they don't need to go to church so he can win people to hell by making them too cold in the spirit. Be vigilant!

Can we just agree and declare that we are now end of times

Those establishments you called church buildings don't exist in the spiritual domain. So I have no association with pastors.

I am also writing something called 'my encounter with Zeus'. Can I mention you?

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I can correlate. Churches in Nigeria are always enterprise as usual. Forget about the holiness they display on the pulpit. I remember about eleven years ago. I was very active in church matters then. I met with one redeem pastor after midweek service for a favor. Instead of helping me, the pastor's wife started advising me to go and give my life to Christ. And I wondered how often I needed to give my life to Christ.

Though going to church is essential, there are still some real Men of God. But they are few. Most are just worldly preachers.

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Entitlement spirit pastor go find work, lack of job they cause this talk, laziness

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My question is why some pastors don’t have something else doing to support their calling,must they depend only on that offering money or tithe money to survive?

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God bless you for this.... Jesus was a carpenter! Every single Apostle He picked were busy at their place of work! This was examples for us to learn from! Jesus Himself in Luke 19 says "Do business" Sponsoring the gospel requires we MUST work or do business!

which calling? All pastors call themselves, God no dey call anybody. Know this and know peace. That should answer your question. They became a pastor for the 💰

no no no. GOD calls people. Calling doesn't only mean pastoral work. U could be called to , athletics, called to music, called to entertainment, called to be a preacher. But the lazy men if GOD that feel they mustn't work, only through people they eat , are the stupid ones. I know so many real men if GOD that had businesses bfr venturing Into preaching. Was ea adeboye not a professor/ mathematician bfr the call to preach?

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