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when people know the gross implications of their actions and still publicly go ahead, calling all bluffs.......There is a thin line between safety and destruction.... Ok naaaaa, we dey look.....

Being a Christian doesn't mean you cannot hold a political appointment or post if needed. In fact, our negligence is what bring us to this Nigeria unstable condition. Let our godliness spread across.... Kudos man for accepting. We will be praying for you

My plight , if Christian’s are been denied political appointment how then can We set a foot stone on leaders with the fear of God…. For me this Life is just something else thus you can’t even give chance for change to occur but yet you all want to embrace change… let them all start creeping in gradually, I mean the people we can trust in a long run…


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With due respect, this information is not true. There is so much internal issues involved that made our man of God make that decision, let’s find out the truth before responding or reacting to issues like this. My younger brother is being corrected by our father and I think It is for the best, remember that my youngest brother involved is Pastor Chris’ son and every father has the right to correct his child, it has nothing to do with politics. Thank you so much, I love you.

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This guy is wanted by EFCC for fraud. What do you think he would do? Of course they are holding in by his by his tail. If he doesn't join the looting team he will be jailed. This guys are bunch of losers recruiting people like him. Pastor Christ openly on T.v striped him off his role in his church for fraud.

ChristianLast activity 2 days ago

Pastor Chris don treat him fuc..k up accordingly.

ChristianLast activity 2 days ago

This is what religion has turned my dear country into. They can’t differentiate religion issues from political issues. Tinubu was prayed into position by pastor TARIBO WEST now. Let us allow God reign in the leadership of Nigeria Biko

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Long ago and in a place far away, Christians used to fear God. They saw a yawning gap between their limited intelligence and the mind of God. So they were exceedingly careful about presuming what God had to say about almost anything. 

ChristianLast activity 2 days ago

I don't believe he can take on such barbaric endorsement. I respect him too much to do that. This fight is for the soul of our great nation. Most people supporting the capable hand among the contestant don't have anything to gain personally, but for the peace and progress of a Nation at the verge of collapse. I expect him to renounce them absolutely.


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His uncle Pastor Chris Oyakhiloma has suspended him immediately and he is already put on spiritual rehabilitation ASAP.


4 days ago

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Made a post on this some months ago. Those who have ears, let them hear!

In the last couple of months, an alarming trend has spread across social media among most Nigerian internet comedians.

This trend is the use of the Lord's names name in vain. If you are a very attentive person, you will notice the voice they include in their videos screaming 'Jesus' all to make the video funnier.

How ignorant can people pretend to be when they know the consequences (that those who do this will die) of their actions but still go ahead to do this without fear?

This comedian will feel hurt emotionally if a friend makes fun of their surname(father's name) in any way and would never tolerate anyone making jest of their precious mother's name. Still, they boldly use the name of the Lord who has given them breath as a thing of comedy all in a bit to make money.

Another thing to note is that even Muslims or any other religion will never try this. Still, those who profess to be Christians go to church on Sundays and have pastors who even pray for them without reprimanding them go ahead to commit this sin boldly.

Well, I am here to remind you and not to judge you because your words have already considered you, and you know the consequences of your spoken words, and it's either you repent from this or be prepared for whatever comes. Shalom.

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You don't have to fight for the Lord because we are not terrorists.

You may consider taking legal action if something discriminatory is done to you on the grounds of your faith or to spite your faith; otherwise, leave them.

We should see such a thing as a call to align our ministries with the raison d'être of the Kingdom of God rather than the frivolities and noises we focus on. If those jesters had had the true Gospel in word and deed, they wouldn't have been misbehaving today.

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