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8 days ago

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Please, if you love him as you said and have applied every means possible, including begging your uncle or aunt that he listens to, and he still refuses, go ahead and have another child. They will come around eventually, and when they do, you wouldn't have wasted your childbearing age waiting for them. Good luck

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Run away with him. That's what 23 yr old does. They don't reason well.

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They need to get to a certain age to be able to make those decisions, also note that children can as well make decisions based on peer pressure, parenting isn’t an easy task tbh

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 I feel just listening to them and guiding them should just be fine, rather than shutting them off completely. Just let them know that their opinions can be aired as well

Right, but their decisions can be scary most times, imagine your child being taught in school that he can be anything he wants to be, then he comes to the house and tells you that he is attracted to guys more, that he now has the confidence to speak since their teacher told them they can be attracted to their fellow gender, this parenting job is not an easy one at all πŸ˜…

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True, a lot of our parents failed in the aspect of kids emotional needs,our generation need to get it right with our kids, because I said so is not an answer

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What is wrong with these women? Why are they happy to keep having children with this man simultaneously when he has children with so many other women? Surely, money can't be the motive in such a situation. These women need some self-respect

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As well as having babies, they're all knowingly having unprotected sex with him. Grim.

Because give to caesar what belongs to Caesar. He is the father of all nations


23 days ago

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Not sure who's more pathetic him or the women who are allowing this... yuck. These women are as much to blame for encouraging him.

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I hope it's not the second woman they call wicked cause for a woman to throw the only child of a woman. She may be equally evil. The second woman only wanted the first woman to feel the pain of childlessness; the two would be in prison. Shekina, and thank God it was not a man, in this case, else all hell will let loose.

Do unto others what you would like them to do unto you. Christianity teaches you to forgive in situations like this but not so in Islam. Both are going to jail anyway.

..... POVERTY ! #wordenough

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one month ago

Disheartening, You won't see feminazis smelling mouths in a post like these, but let it be a man and a woman. U will perceive the odor of your stinky mouth from your phone.

The Both of them should be sent to a correctional facility, and they should be branded with 10yrs imprisonment.


one month ago

The heart of a woman is equally as wicked as the heart of a man. I hope that's not Sharia law of an eye for all eyes! Terrible situation. I'm sure all these things happened while their husbands were at work, hustling for them and the children.

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House of commotionπŸ˜’πŸ˜‚ In this economy πŸ˜‚

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This story no clear. It is a lie ma.

But on a serious note, People should bear the number of children they can carry. If this one na true, then This one shock me oh…. Me when sabi carry people children for bus and even buy things for them… he don end oh

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Agbaya.. why you self go dey carry people pikin? Erudite ritual skullers

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Let me get this straight. You go out for 3 days without telling her where you are going?? This is your testimony. That she had no self worth and was ready to be your baby production machine while you marry someone else. Hmmmmm πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” Okay we hear you

Sorry but are you sure you are ok like normal in that your big head so if she didn't come out to stop the wedding that's how you will be going out to see another family living the legitimate family at home. Learn to set things right done allow others to do it for you be a man.

You cheated on your fiancΓ© with her and you come here dey talk BS…… Did you even put the other woman’s feeling in consideration? You disgraced her openly, Which moral lesson dey this story now?

And ur proud to say u went to toast a woman with the intentions of having free drinks mtchewww…ur nemesis caught up with u

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