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Oh!!!!. Just take some quiet time to look into the eyeballs of this young woman looking like a fowl tied helplessly waiting to be slaughtered. Look deep again as a father. Look again and ask yourself, what if I am allowed to decide her fate? How do I judge? Humanly judging, death???. Yes, a precious life of a breadwinner was taken. He was also a son of a man. It is so complex and sorrowful. 

Chidinma's life can never be the same again, life or death of what she went through. Jesus!!!. Where are the love and grace in His forgiveness? I may sound foolish. All I know of myself is that I am not worthy, but I stand continuously on His grace. Let all the hearts that can remember and feel the one that was condemned to death on the cross. 

The hearts that await the forgiveness of God almighty at the end of their lives come together in prayer for Chidinma. Remember, heavenly forgiveness knows no tribe or religion. It knows no boundaries or age. Forgive! Forgive!! And Forgive!!!. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Everyone knows she killed the man! But the motive behind it is unknown. They are trying to die this matter, and FREE this murderer, Usifo's spirit, will haunt you all involved forever.

This idiot is not just soulless, she's unrepentant, disgraceful, wayward, and brutal. I doubt if Ataga is her first victim, she must have killed many others before this incident. This monster should not be freed, as she will be a menace to society, and I call on all concerned authorities to ensure that this bloodsucker never returns to the community.

This is what plays out when the ability of law enforcement to carry out procedural justice is highly questionable due to the antecedence and absence of professionalism. Statements obtained in the cause of human rights abuse are not tenable before the court. The defense team may have seen some light ahead of the tunnel. If her legal team can prove infringements by Law Enforcement on her Human rights beyond reasonable, this case may not see the light of day.

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Hmm! Chindima, I don't believe this is your story at all. No matter how muscular your strength is, there is no way to overpower the man. When it's just a pity dead can't defend himself. You said you put some drugs on his drink, and later, you could kill him when he demanded too much sex 🙄. The story gets k legs, sweetie. I hope you rust in jail.

Serious K leg full the story! I guess she is the available scapegoat! But be assured that the real culprit is sipping coffee, watching all the drama unfold.

Her defense lawyer cooks all these lies for her to get her off the hook. Lawyers can do anything, including bribing a judge if the judge is corrupt.

She said she added drugs to his drink which would have weakened him. So, go figure.

Men, That will not keep their jelly in one place should also expect this kind of treatment. Maybe he has a beautiful wife at home but decided to fool himself with those one Chick side. And most men, once they are getting little constant money, the next thing is to keep a side chick. That lady should be punished according to the country's laws.

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What Happened To Chidinma Ojukwu And Any Update On Her Case?

Moment Chidinma Ojukwu Arrived Court To Continue Her Murder Trial (Photos, Video)

Chidinma Ojukwu appears in Lagos state High court today November 30th, 2021 as adjourned on the previous hearing, IgbereTV reports.

Chidinma and Adedapo Quadri are facing charges for murder of Super TV boss, Usifo Ataga.

See video below.

What Happened To Chidinma Ojukwu And Any Update On Her Case?

What Happened To Chidinma Ojukwu And Any Update On Her Case?

What Happened To Chidinma Ojukwu And Any Update On Her Case?

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