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From experience, I will advise you to play office politics But watch out to be sure you're on the right team. Any team with the HR, your HOD, and the manager is the best to join. Have you wondered why some people are getting promotion upon promotion, and others are stuck at a point even though they are working? That's where the politics come to play. Do not get involved if it has occultic tendencies.

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It's not a fumble. You listed the traits I developed in my former workplace before being promoted. The funniest thing is that these traits are already in-built; I don't need to fake them. They came naturally.

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Getting your B.Sc is very important. Unfortunately, we still live in a country where a degree from Mono/Polytechnics isn't highly rated.

Worse still, you've only got your ND...No HND yet. You may be getting by on 70k today, but more money is needed in our current clime.

But do you know in the next three years, you'll either be jobless or earning at most 100k if you don't further your education?

Yes, you may have the skills, but as long as paid employment is concerned, skills aren't written on the forehead. Your profile has to meet specific minimum requirements before you are given a chance to demonstrate skillfulness.

Since you say you've got skills, then take the education as just a degree-acquiring venture. So only commit your part-time to the degree pursuit. Just do your best to graduate with at least a 2:2.

Also, because you need to invest your time in something other than the degree, you can continue working to have continued experience and earn whatever you can.

Don't do part-time. It's such a painful stretch, what with ASUU & all. Get the full-time over and done with as quickly as possible.

But by all means, get your degree. It's important.

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Highly sought after and 70k in the same sentence, you must be high.

Don't leave your job, bro. I school at a Federal University and work too, but all of them are full-time. It's stressful but worth it as you have a reliable backup plan if one fails you.

Keep your stuff going. There's nothing outside. I don't know your morality level, but making a lot of money requires some immorality, so I suggest you keep your birds in your hands.


6 months ago

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Share Your Unemployment Experiences. Here Are Mine.

I graduated since 2017. Till now, no job. Sometime last year, I went for IRATA training and offshore rigger training in port Harcourt and got certified. Yet, no job was forthcoming.

After sometime, I started seeing the jobs but couldn’t apply because I needed some other documents to qualify me for offshore travel. These documents (BOISET, medical clearance and OSP)cost a lot of money and I didn’t have it anywhere.

As God will have it, my relations favored me with the money without first asking for it from them. I quickly processed those documents and had everything ready by March this year. Brethren, since I got the documents complete till now, I haven’t seen any job to work with it and it’s making me depressed. It’s not a funny’s situation at all. How I got the money to do all these was just favor from God.

Everything cost more than a million naira. I have debt of almost ₦700k to settle but here I am at home jobless!!!!


7 months ago

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I’m a first class graduate and I feel like a fraud almost every day. When I was offered a job, it was to fill the position of my mentor. He mentored me as an intern, and had about four years experience already. He was leaving to a better place and I was asked to fill his shoes with only internship experience.

Of course, I felt like a fraud. I got a job but I kept desperately applying to other places for jobs coz I felt this was beyond me. I was a first class graduate so I felt this pressure to live up to what my certificate was saying. What did I do? I prayed. I told God that I knew he made me graduate with this result from the beginning coz to be honest, I never expected it.

Secondly, I told Him He gave me this job because He would not give me more than I could handle. And that I needed him to direct and help me. So what I did from then, I started reading a lot relating to my job role, I made sure I got my mentor a great gift at his send forth to ensure good relationship, and I made sure to remind myself each day that no one knows that I do not know if I can deliver on this job.

I’m the only one that feels this way coz I have such high expectations for myself. Since then, things got better. There are good days now and also bad days. But just know that almost every one there is not one hundred percent sure of how to do their job.

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I Just Got Fired From Work. How Do I Cope With The Emotional Trauma?

Hey don't despair.. Now you need to get some technical skills and start earning remotely.. Calm down no too reason life nothing is certain in life the air you breathe sef no certain....

Just pick yourself up start another job hunting everything is going to be fine....

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There are seasoned bankers in Nigeria that went to UK, Canada or US and switched straight to nursing. She should accept advice of someone who loves her over there or gather money to go do msc public health(wch is very expensive & competitive).


9 months ago

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What a read!

I'm sorry about the family ish, it's always like that  sometimes we find succor more from strangers than friends.

Well, I think you don't have close friends, maybe you're suffering from a lack of support system, which is understandable.

But to progress you might need something like an Accountability Partner, someone to keep you in check with your goals, give you needed encouragement and advice sometimes.

Also, hope you're not too far from God....

Regarding the book, have you heard of Amazon Publishing? Tho I haven't gotten started with it but I've heard great stuff about it and I think you should consider it for your book.

I'm not a coach, but I might be able to provide some friendship support if you want.


9 months ago

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I Finally Quit My Bank Job In Nigeria For Bolt Driving

Well said. You guys are either poorly paid or you were entry level, either case, I am not contesting this as I have limited facts. However years ago as an SBE (Senior Banking Executive) my pay would not justify me leaving the job and doing Uber. The only issues i would have complained about are (1) humongous targets and (2) time constraints leading to lack of rest and stress. Please note, I was a back office staff (Legal Support Services). All in, whatever works. I was only clearing the fact that the OP was a contract staff (and his write-up also confirmed it).

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