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Please learn a tech skills if you can. You can find some helpful resource here in Gist


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Graphics design can be very challenging at times, if you are good in facing challenging... go for the island.

Meanwhile, if you want an easy task, go for the mainland.

So, the choice is based on your capability!

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Vote for peter obi for an opportunity to live either on the mainland or the island comfortably.


Be obedient and yusufull today  

Should I Choose A Job Of ₦50k In Lagos Island Vs ₦60k On The Mainland?

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Our currency can still bounce back if we are all OBIDIENT. Do you know Obi has just 2 cars?, just a single wrist watch and few pairs of shoe? Obi has always been prudent and highly principled, this is the type of man Nigeria needs, a man that can handle the economy with tight fist. Vote Peter Obi and Nigeria will get its status back in the league of great nations. Our health sector will be revived, jobs for teeming youth and corruption totally eradicated.

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Mainland can be too irritating mhen Take the island Job then network and I promise you things will get better.

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Funny guy. Do you know how many senior managers of oil firms stay in Magodo, Omole, Ogudu, Ikeja, Gbagada? When you have spent your entire life rolling with paupers like you, you can't appreciate the mainland because you are sentenced to living in slums. Mainland is irritating. The rent of some houses in Ikeja GRA will buy your entire family and put them in nylon bag.

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Choose the island job

You are already familiar with the terrain

There's possibility of you getting another good offer around island

To me I see island job as something that will enable you to make use of Ur head in a creative ways because you can combine some online side hustle (legit hustle please n not fraudulent ones)

To me you will have more time for yourself to think on how to develop yourself


2 months ago

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Omo I still they managed till now. I'm here in Island unless your company provide accommodation. Accommodation is a big problem in Island. You flex here in Island if you got money simple.


Quiet vicinity

Always flexy

Easy to get job

Attractive salary depends on job

Not crowded


Too Expensive

Mainland is more affordable to live, so many things cheap including accommodation.



Noisy vicinity

Poor salary

Over crowded

Talking from experienced. 

Should I Choose A Job Of ₦50k In Lagos Island Vs ₦60k On The Mainland?


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Oga you were a simp. A big simp!! And that my problem with fools like you. You just don't have sense.

The new girl came and you tried to play Mr Nice guy by being an extra helping hand for her. What did you get in return? She still was among those that mocked and laughed at you.

I know you wanted to get into her pants and that was why you were being nice. But it backfired, as expected.

Mr man, stop being nice to girls. You will never benefit anything from that. Funny enough, it is the guy who doesn't give a shit about her that she will Bleep.. While you , white Knight in shining armour, gets nothing.

When are men going to learn that they'll benefit nothing from being Mr nice guy.

Even if uih wanted to Bleep that girl, giving her no attention and even being mean would have gotten you into her pants faster than being such a simp.

Mumu, now the girl follow mock you, still follow gang up against you. Tell me, wetin you gain, Mr simp?

My Experience As A Banker In Nigeria

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But Banking job is not easy sha

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