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Nasarawa Abeg. N120k Value In Nasarawa equals N1.2 Million In Lagos.

That 300k Is useless In Lagos, and It's more like a 30k Stipend.. Gone are those days. Lagos was meant to Kick-Start your Bachelor's Life and have a headway/to becoming great In life.

Suppose you try It now as a NOBODY. You will SLAVE away your productive, youthful life to Evil Forces, Merciless Marauders, and Capitalists who are leeching on the State. To make It worse, God helps you If you don't have a family background In Lagos or any relations.

In my Area now. A Standard Plot of Land sells for N40 million, and some of these lands were bought for N10,000 or Less then. Tell me how many years a youth will work and how he will be able to save much money In this useless current Nigeria. Even If someone has worked for 30 years. The person can't keep such money unless they dabble In the USUAL WAY of making money In Nigeria😊

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Tell your friend to take the Lagos job. Lafia is a dead city. I have been there before. 300k in Lekki is better than 120k in Lafia.

Lafia, the capital of Nassarawa state, is a village. There are no opportunities in that land.

When I was in that dead city, I logged in to a hotel in the Gra( where the state government offices are. You will call that place an upscale neighborhood. Believe me, not, that place was disappointing.

Food is cheap, but what is the chance of getting another opportunity, and what is the possibility of being paid regularly in a city where most people are poor?

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From experience, I will advise you to play office politics But watch out to be sure you're on the right team. Any team with the HR, your HOD, and the manager is the best to join. Have you wondered why some people are getting promotion upon promotion, and others are stuck at a point even though they are working? That's where the politics come to play. Do not get involved if it has occultic tendencies.

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It's not a fumble. You listed the traits I developed in my former workplace before being promoted. The funniest thing is that these traits are already in-built; I don't need to fake them. They came naturally.

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Getting your B.Sc is very important. Unfortunately, we still live in a country where a degree from Mono/Polytechnics isn't highly rated.

Worse still, you've only got your ND...No HND yet. You may be getting by on 70k today, but more money is needed in our current clime.

But do you know in the next three years, you'll either be jobless or earning at most 100k if you don't further your education?

Yes, you may have the skills, but as long as paid employment is concerned, skills aren't written on the forehead. Your profile has to meet specific minimum requirements before you are given a chance to demonstrate skillfulness.

Since you say you've got skills, then take the education as just a degree-acquiring venture. So only commit your part-time to the degree pursuit. Just do your best to graduate with at least a 2:2.

Also, because you need to invest your time in something other than the degree, you can continue working to have continued experience and earn whatever you can.

Don't do part-time. It's such a painful stretch, what with ASUU & all. Get the full-time over and done with as quickly as possible.

But by all means, get your degree. It's important.

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Highly sought after and 70k in the same sentence, you must be high.

Don't leave your job, bro. I school at a Federal University and work too, but all of them are full-time. It's stressful but worth it as you have a reliable backup plan if one fails you.

Keep your stuff going. There's nothing outside. I don't know your morality level, but making a lot of money requires some immorality, so I suggest you keep your birds in your hands.

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Diddy Has Become The Second-richest Hip-hop Star, Surpassing Kanye West And Replacing Him On The List Of 2022's Wealthiest Hip-hop Artists.

This is the reason why black people should become owners, there are more black consumers than owners, they shouldn't just be excelling in the art industry, but be owners more, that way things like the cancel culture and so on wouldn't affect them, before you come for me I am not in support of YE.

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why will you not support Ye ? Give me good reason if you really have 🧠

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Diddy Has Become The Second-richest Hip-hop Star, Surpassing Kanye West And Replacing Him On The List Of 2022's Wealthiest Hip-hop Artists.

Ye was right in someways- the cabal press has reallocated the billions to another black man. His narrative was correct but he target just the Jews ) that was wrong) because the cabal is made up of people of all races. He needs to buy into the press empire and start to control the buttons use by the press to teleguide is without us even knowing!!!

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These cabals are they everywhere. we have cabals in Aso Roack, so they even have a branch in the USA too?

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Saw this some time ago—really great work. If Nigerian Govt doesn't take him seriously, the whites definitely will. It's just a matter of time.

Impressive, if he had come out of BBN, the so-called fans would have given him a gift of a Range Rover and 2 million naira cash. That is how mediocrity is celebrated in Nigeria.

Hmmm, they have given him a scholarship at Baze University in Abuja. How good are they?... what news have they ever come up with? What improvement have they made on anything? They can do better to send him abroad to be on the cutting edge. After all, much money is spent unnecessarily sending people abroad with nothing to benefit Nigeria or Nigerians.

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I am sure our incoming VP Datti owns Baze University. More talents will be discovered once Peter Obi and Datti fully takes control of the driving seat

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